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Just want to let you all know that copies of Widow's Walk are not available. The book can be purchased on Amazon or at the publisher. I am in the process of doing what can best be called a virtual book tour, information on lots of blogs. I've taken the liberty of posting some of that stuff here.

Let me start talking about me, about Ken Weene the person. I love nature, culture, other people, and experiencing the richness of the world. I have many people who are very special to me. I wish I could mention them all. But, most of all I adore my wife, Roz.
Professionally I worked as a psychologist and a pastoral counselor. I also have done lots of teaching over the years.
I have always wanted to write and have always been an avid reader. While “Widow’s Walk” is my first published novel, I’ve had other writing published over the years. For example, recently I’ve been a featured poet in “Sol” and one of my short plays, “The Right Number” was work shopped at Space 55 in Phoenix.

“Widow’s Walk” is the story of Mary Flanagan, a woman caught between her sense of faith, obligation, and responsibility on the one hand and her growing awareness of and desire for a fuller life. It is also the story of her children, her son, Sean, who is a quadriplegic, and her daughter, Kathleen, who works in a hospice. Then, of course, there are the other people in her life, especially her friends and her boyfriend. “Widow’s Walk” is a book rich with relationships and with sensuality and sexuality. There is also violence and self-centeredness. This is a book about people and about life.

Not surprisingly to people who know me, this novel also raises issues of faith and meaning.

I hope that you'll consider reading "Widow's Walk;" but whatever the book, have a great read.

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