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The Devil’s Due – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

“I can’t coat this with sugar. Judy has seen Sherry.” “Wh-where?” “In Beverly Hills. I tell her this woman must be someone who only looks like Sherry, but she insists she is positive. I try to convince her she must let this go, but she doesn’t listen and goes back to make sure – did I tell you she saw her in beauty salon?” I felt like someone had delivered a knockout punch to my stomach. “No – a salon? How –“ “Judy sees her there first time when Brad treats her to a day at spa, but she was not sure it was Sherry. After we talk, she makes appointment for facial with the woman who now calls herself Cher. You know Judy. She finds out much information and observes woman up close. Of course, woman does not know who Judy is. Jen, I might doubt this story if I heard from anyone else. But, not from Judy. Then, she calls yesterday. She is frightened – she has fantasy about how to kill Sherry.”

In Devil’s Dance, Jen is kidnapped, beaten and left for dead all due to her “friend” Sherry. Now Sherry has surfaced and due to the pain she was responsible for being inflicted on Jen as well as Jen’s sister Judy, revenge must be carried out. But by who? Nadya still has connections with “people” in Russia who will carry out anything requested for a price. But first there has to be proof that this woman really is Sherry and that’s when the bomb is dropped. Sherry had a twin sister Cher. And when I say “had” that is due to the fact that one of these two women has been reported missing for years. So, do they seek revenge on the right twin?

The Devil’s Due has been just as exciting as Devil’s Dance. It’s kept me in suspense from page 1 as it continued the story of Jenny Conner in her attempt to bring her life back together and do the only thing she has ever wanted to do – dance. In Devil’s Dance, Jen flees her in-laws as they try to take her son PJ from her. Now she will come face to face with them in their attempt to proceed with the custody fight. But both have friends in high places which takes the battle down to who has the most friends and influence. I do recommend both books, Devil’s Dance and The Devil’s Due and read in that order. I don’t believe you will be disappointed.
L & L Dreamspell
209 pages
ISBN# 978-1-60318-234-8

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