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The Festival - Brian L. Porter, Author

The Festival – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘As they passed a sign that read ‘Bardley Magna,’ they were stunned to
find themselves entering what Claire thought could probably be the
prettiest village she’d ever seen. The road they were on was obviously
the main thoroughfare through the village, and was lined on both sides
by beautiful, well aged trees of varying species. The grass verges from
which the trees grew were pristine, well tended and mowed, not a weed
in sight, and there wasn’t the faintest sign of any litter to be seen.
The houses, which sat back from the road, were all different, and all
looked as if they’d been designed by an architect. They, too, were
pristine, with beautifully maintained gardens, most with gravel
driveways, superb exterior paintwork. Not a satellite dish in sight,
though strangely, there wasn’t a soul to be seen, not in the gardens, on
the street, anywhere at all in fact.’

While on their way to Dalby Edge, Simon and Claire became lost, at least
they were until they took a turn in the road and came across Bardley
Magna. Bardley Magna was the most perfect village either had ever seen.
But where were the people? Even the church was locked up and
deserted. And then Claire spots ‘The New Dam’ pub.

I don’t know how Brian Porter does it. He always amazes me with his
imagination and ability to create a story out of just about any
circumstance. The Festival is an entertaining, short story that won’t
let you put it down until you’ve read to the end.

Moongypsy Press Production

April, 2010

16 pages

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