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The Gentleman’s Guide To Keeping His Lady Friend Happy On Saint Valentine’s Day

A guide a gentleman might choose to follow that contains some perhaps new ideas on how to spend this old day of romance with his beloved one.

Once again Valentine’s Day has come around, that special day on the calendar to be celebrated by all those whose desire for one another has drawn them in to a romantic union.
To many a gentleman this is a perfect opportunity to show the lady in his life weather she be wife or other how deeply his feelings of adoration run. After all is this not a day set aside for such a purpose? Did the man who would go on to be dubbed Saint Valentine not risk and even give his life for those who find themselves entangled in love’s web to be as one?
This Saint Valentine did and now it is in our hands and wills to keep alive the spirit of he who so many centuries ago was selfless to the point of being martyred for others to be together.

However it is the ideas or perhaps lack of which that may lead many a male to ask “How should this day be spent with this lady (weather she be young or not) whose eye has been caught by the man that he be?”. There are those who might respond by claiming that it is appropriate to present their damsels with flowers or chocolates that be accompanied by cards that like he so many centuries ago come signed “your Valentine” and it is not I that I would dispute this notion but encourage it.

However some may ask does this truly suffice to demonstrate to that special lady in our lives how she stirs up our emotions of adulation? How her mere presence not only in our eyes but in our lives serves us for inspiration that we feed upon to get us through the day till we join her for those moments of intimacy that give meaning to our lives? To those who inquire along these lines I would retort that it be not a matter of magnitude but of the eminence we show in the mode we express our feelings. It is for them that I have the following suggestions on how they might allow all the tenderness that be inside them to radiate to the one they wish to share it with.

1 First let us begin with what presents should be gotten? To this question I would say that Saint Valentine’s day by nature is not a day that requires expensive presents, not that they be out of place should they come but let us not forget that this day is for romance so if presents should come they need not be in the costly category. May they be something that be not only an item but one that sends a message such as flowers. However for those wishing to express their desire for ardor deeper then might I suggest perfume that when combined with the scent of the lady in mind will emit a fragrance of splendor which would be uniquely hers in its influence of seduction. Of course there are those whose taste and daring may run them in to what we shall call the more direct approach of togetherness so it is to them that I suggest lingerie. This being what is reserved for certain eyes exclusively such as stockings of silk that when seen by others give not their intent but when exposed to our eye become a lure for our desires. I naturally understand that there are those whose financial situation or ideas may lead them to buying jewelry such as diamond rings or tiaras that shine and sparkle on their beloved but to those I advice to save such lovely souvenirs for anniversaries as basically that is when they be more in season.

2 Many perhaps who find themselves in a couple do not have ideas of romance on what activities they may engage in with their partner other than the obvious acts of carnality. I for my part am not attempting to dissuade any from those sensuous moments for this is the whole idea of Saint Valentine’s day. It is in my esteem however that these actions which might be performed on any other day take on an added significance on Saint Valentine’s day. Bearing this in mind I suggest that our actions should lead up to it. When making this past statement I speak not of what is commonly referred to as foreplay but perhaps what guides us to it in the form of a meal that be illuminated solely by the light of candle. This ambiance might lend flavor to even those vitals which under circumstances that differ would be barely palatable but I ask if the settings that surround the meal be special should not what we force our stomachs digest be equally? With this in mind why not take some time to get a cookbook that will open the world of the finer dishes. Naturally these books would not be needed by those whose gastronomic abilities match their longing for those dishes of the gourmet kind nor for the ones who prefer to reserve a table at their favorite restaurant. I unsurprisingly lean in favor of Italian cuisine my name being Gianni Truvianni.

3 Entertainment is also something we might consider but this should come in the form of something that allows for intimate contact and by this I mean not activities of an outdoor nature but of another. Watching a film of a romantic temperament while cuddling on a loveseat. Many people have diverse believes as to what romantic films are and it would not be for me to say if they are right or otherwise with regards to their believes. Nonetheless my emotions tell me that films which I would label as romantic are those that make us long with all our being to see those who the screen has placed in front of us end up happily in love, though this may actually not occur in the scenario that we should be the recipients of a “sad ending” as opposed to a happy one. As a personal recommendation (me being the author of a book entitled “New York’s Opera Society”) why not substitute a film with a passionate opera such as “La Traviata” or “La Boheme”. It is these anecdotes though tragic in finale to the point of creating tears in those of sensitivity that may actually liven spirits by allowing us to contrast them to our own reality which hopefully will not match the heartbreak of “Aida”. Passion let us never forget means suffering so to men who in my outlook be truly gallant then let me suggest that they through embraces and other forms of physical stimuli be the ones to alleviate the distress in their lady companions that opera may have induced.

Entertainment also need not by necessity be limited to the home. After all many are the places where we may take that special someone for instance restaurants after which our day might end with an interlude in our chambers of sleep. For my own however I would not have the soiree conclude after dinning and would extend it to include attending the opera where we see true romance as might not be witnessed elsewhere.

4 Our attire for this day like all else should be set on pleasing the one who does likewise for us so with regards to this I leave it up to each couple to decide what they wish that certain someone to see them in. As for myself however I have always preferred the elegant touch when the subject be clothing. This elegance manifesting itself in the form of a suit that allows us men to display not only the finer features of our physique but also the gentler side of our qualities and though most ladies will not say. We who are of an observant nature will notice their reaction when our look be aided by the grandeur of graceful attire.

5 In all this advise I leave this for last precisely because it is not least but most. It being if we allow our inner feelings for that one we cherish to take over our deeds on this day than all the above suggestions will take on a higher tonality of sentiments in our hearts.

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