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An article on the seven wonders of the world chosen by those who took part on a recent internet poll.

It was hundreds of years ago that the original seven wonders of world were chosen. These being the works which at the time were thought to be the greatest ever created by man yet I ask was it fair to say that those monuments represented the best of human ingenuity? Of course when deciding this in the present one must take in to consideration the fact that the works selected as the seven greatest were chosen by the Greeks. This undoubtedly or at least in my opinion being one of the reasons why five out of the seven so called wonders of the world were in Greece with the only exceptions being the pyramids in Egypt (the only one still remaining till this day) and the “hanging gardens of Babylon”.

For my part I would not only question the impartiality of those who chose the original seven wonders but their ability to decide; given not only their limited knowledge of the world but that of most people at the time. After all this was a time when the Greeks referred to the part of the world known to them as the whole world, not even being aware of the wonders that might have exited in lands far away which naturally they had no way of knowing about.

It is these factors that perhaps would lead one to question weather in fact these would have been the real seven wonders of the world even at that time let alone today when six of them have been destroyed; mostly by natural disasters. It was with this in mind that a poll was taken on the internet to select what would be the new seven wonders of the world and this time it would be the whole world voting and not just a few in Greece with little if any knowledge of the rest of the world. Naturally when considering what the seven wonders are one must take in to consideration that this like many things is a matter of opinion; where what might be a wonder to some might not be one to others yet we can contemplate the general opinion or at least that of those who voted on the net.

Regarding the seven wonders which were chosen on the not so long ago vote on the internet; they are as follows:

1) The Coliseum in Rome, Italy
2) Machu Pichu near Cuzco in Peru
3) The Mayan pyramids (Chichen Itza) in Yucatan, Mexico
4) The Taj Mahal in Agra, India
5) The Great Wall of China
6) The statue of Jesus Christ (The Redeemer) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
7) Petra in Jordan

If one looks at the list one will notice that the Egyptian pyramids are not present; this being due to Egypt feeling their national treasure had already been chosen once therefore did not need to be chosen a second time or at least this was the official explanation given by their government before the poll took place on the net. As for perhaps some notable absentees one could mention the UK’s “Stonehenge” or France’s “Notre Dame” cathedral along with many others yet it is those which were chosen which in not only my opinion but that of many others are the best ever created by humanity though this is just a point of view and nothing else; for a wonder like beauty is but in the eye of the beholder.

I for my part however can only claim to have seen two of these newly elected seven wonders. This being the case as I have been to both Italy and Peru. In the first of which I witnessed the grandness of the Roman Coliseum and in the second the spectacular sight that is Machu Pichu with my own eyes. I however hope to see all of them one day before my time on this earth is up and though they are far apart I some how feel I will get my chance to witness all seven of these fantastic works whose forms not only represent (or at least to my way of seeing things) the genius of those that created them but to a certain extent the rest of humanity. For they truly show what we as human beings are capable of when our minds we dedicate to that which is of a creative nature that leads to the beauty that can be.

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