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The Next Chapter - Melanie Young, Author

The Next Chapter – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Carol sat down and started telling Joan about the plans for their Caribbean cruise. It almost took her mind off worrying about Jim. “After we get back from the cruise, Andrea is coming
for a visit. She is bringing her boyfriend. I have a feeling she will
have a ring on a certain finger. She has been on the verge of telling me
something and then stops herself, and says she will tell me later. She
can’t fool her mom!” Just then, there was a knock on the door. Carol’s
face was suddenly ashen as she looked at Joan. “I’ll get it, Carol.”
Joan opened the door and they saw an Oregon State Trooper standing

Carol had been married almost 26 years to the same man that she had met and dated while still in high school. There had never been anyone else for either of them. But all good things seem to have an
end, or as Melanie Young shows through her writing ‘life has many
chapters.’ But how do you turn the pages at the end of a chapter and
begin the next? Especially when you feel that you are stuck in one and
don’t want to proceed to the next. Following Carol as she is faced with
reading her own book of life, has become an eye opener for me, by making
me even more aware that life is a book with many pages, many stories
and many endings.

ISBN #978-0-557-39082-3
160 pages

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