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The Queen's Marksman - Children of the Dragon - Theresa M. Moore, Author


The Queen’s Marksman – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘The clouds had covered the moon, and the night was dark and cold.  The single rider on horseback picked his way along the meager tufts of grass lining the dusty trail until he came to within one hundred meters of the camp.  There he dismounted, drew his rifle and sword from his pack, and sent his horse away with a gentle slap on the animal’s rump.  Thus left alone, the dark figure went down crouching behind a boulder, silently watching the movements of the men among the tents.  Most were arranged in a circle around a roaring campfire, sharing tea and couscous, smoking hasheesh, sharing gossip and singing songs.  Others had retired to isolated spots to read their Korans and contemplate the greatness of Allah before bedding down for the night.  The horses tethered nearby shifted restlessly or together to draw warmth from each other.  There were six tents in all, arranged around a larger tent at the center of the compound.  The hostages had to be in there.  If they tried to escape, they would be easily detected and caught by anyone around them.  They were trapped like animals in a cage even though the bars were made of cloth and the floor of carpet.  The watcher settled down to wait until the camp grew quiet.’
Robert St. John has seen, done and learned a lot since his induction into the Queen’s army at the young age of 20.  Shortly after leaving home Robert encountered two men that would change his life forever.  They were Alexander Vincent Corvina and Count Karel Nikolai Arkelin. When Alex first met Robert, he saw a friendship that he knew would bond them forever, whereas Count Arkelin saw the mind of a great warrior that needed to be utilized.  It then became the Count’s decision to “turn” Robert. 
With the realization of what his new life brings, Robert creates quite a name for himself by taking risks that no other would dare.  As he rescues those being held prisoner he ends up finding himself face to face with not only the woman he loves but had to leave behind but also the sister of Alex.  His feats of bravery endow him even more with Alex as well as the Queen herself.  Her reward for him is to make him a Knight and set him up with his own hand selected force of spies.  This will take him through the encounters of two deadly enemies.  One calls himself Count Vladimir Drakulya of Transylvania and the other calls himself Jack the Ripper.
In The Queen’s Marksman, Author Theresa M. Moore takes you through some of the history of England as well as some of the surrounding areas.  Her accounts of Jack the Ripper and his final demise gives yet another ending to the Whitechapel legend and his destruction of life.  As with the others in the Children of the Dragon series, I have thoroughly enjoyed loosing myself in yet another of Theresa M. Moore’s books.  I’ve read Destiny’s Forge, To Taste The Dragon’s Blood, Red Dragon and now The Queen’s Marksman.  Next comes The Black Witch which I’m sure will keep me as intrigued as those before it in this fascinating series called Children of the Dragon.
2010 – 3rd Edition

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