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The Secret Erotic Life Of Princess Karen Sue Cantrell Of The Republic Of Aquitaine (Comfort Of Mother Daughter, Chapters I - V )

Photo:Princess Karen Sue Cantrell Of The Republic Of Aquitaine And Mother

A fictional story about Princess Karen Sue Cantrell of the Republic of Aquitaine and her desperate search for that which she has so long been without yet finds comfort in a newly formed relationship with her daughter, Kasiutrella.

Chapter One

Her full name was Karen Sue Cantrell, who in many ways represented the typical white Anglo Saxon protestant, brought up on the ideas of America and all its values which for better or for worse had been installed in her since childhood. This given her upper middle class family which through good acquaintances and savvy business deals had managed to get well connected or at least close enough to those who could change the course of her life. This being exactly what transpired in her case when her father introduced her to the man who would become her whole life, as he would go on to not only take her to wife but deliver on to her the only daughter she would ever bring in to the world. In many ways perhaps the method in which she was courted by the man whom she would marry was unnatural to say the least as she was introduced to him when her numbered years already went over the double score by two, with the intent that theirs should end in a marriage of convenience.

Karen for her part regarding this perhaps forced arrangement, was never either particularly please or displeased about it for that matter, as she had come to regard such affairs as perfectly natural. This to the point of explaining it to others as well as herself that it was just another way for a couple to meet and where some did it through circumstances of fate or coincidence depending on the point of view or mutual friends she and Thomas II Grand Duke of Aquitaine had done it via her father. Of course with the ever present factor that theirs had been preplanned to end in a marriage that would end in her delivering a child on to this man, whose age at the time of their first encounter surpassed hers by 3 decades.

This above all was where many argued the morality or perhaps lack of which in this what could be classified as a transaction making Karen Sue, almost like a bargaining chip for her father to get what he sought for his family, this the wealth, connections and title of a man who was living in exile from his native Republic of Aquitaine. As for Thomas, himself it was the freedom, to come and go from the United States as well as do business that his citizenship obtained by marriage to Karen Sue granted him along with a beautiful woman. She being willing to bare him a child despite her already advanced age for doing so. This being perhaps above all what he received from that which in fact to a large extent was a business transaction.

Karen Sue Cantrell or “Karrie” as she was known to her friends, however in all this can not be said to have been left out of the benefits of the deal as she who basically had never had much in the way of ambition all of sudden took on the title of H.R.H. of the republic of Aquitaine. This accompanied by a husband who though not charming beyond his wealth and looks did leave her freedom to spend money without worries and a chance to develop in her chosen profession of opera singer, this despite her lack of outstanding talent which never allowed her in spite her connections to rise beyond one of many opera singers.

Regarding looks, she was one whom most would label as attractive in a very plain sort of middle American way, given she had no features which could really be regarded as unattractive though none outstanding which would have made her a notable beauty, given her blue eyes and the rest of her was merely nice to look at without being extraordinary in anyway. In her physique which was short and thin however there was one thing that did stick out in the mind of most and this being her breasts which were of such a size that even allowed her to touch their most sensitive area with her own tongue. This a trick her first love interest asked her to perform, which in all truth at first even disgusted her slightly, till she could see how it excited not only those she wished to have in a sexual way but even herself.

Princess Karen’s and Grand Duke Thomas’s II, was a marriage planed for business, this being a fact which they never argued though it would not have been correct for any to make the assumption; care and perhaps even love never was theirs, as they did at least at the start of their marriage share several years of tenderness. It being in those years in which they did deliver on to this world a daughter, who took from them all the beauty, as this child whom they would christen “Kasiutrella” (this the title of a poem which was one of Princess Karen’s favorite) held all the lovely features of her father while having the radiance of her mother, who though possessor of average looks held about her a certain sparkle which many detected in her daughter that lent even more to those extraordinary details of her looks, mostly derived from her father.

In all honesty it can be said that the first 13 years of their marriage where like any other, as Princess Karen Sue Cantrell and her husband Grand Duke Thomas did the things most married couples did, such as enjoy a life together which included a healthy sex life apart from the quarrels and other parts that made a marriage be just that. It in many ways was hard to say weather theirs was a happy one or not but theirs was a normal marriage, which always lived with the shadow of why they had come to be in the first place.

Regarding their daughter; Kasiutrella, she had grown in to a most beautiful young lady who many mistook for being much more advanced in age to the point of her mother having to constantly tell her male friends that her daughter had barely entered her teens. This in part due to how she had inherited her father’s tendency to be tall along with her mother’s over grown breast which many tended to stare at to the extent of making Kasiutrella blush while making her mother slightly jealous, that hers though still nice were no longer as firm as she could see her daughter’s were becoming.

Kasiutrella, in reality was a vision of teenage beauty barely out of infancy about to turn in to a woman, and this few failed to pick up on as her hair which went down to her waist was golden as her mother’s, while her height was 180 cm. This making her just 6 cm shorter than her father, accompanied by a face that in fact many could say was an identical female copy of her fathers, who in fact was considered by many to very handsome even if his dry personality was a turn off to not only most women but generally most people. Kasiutrella in many ways was a copy of her father but it would be far from the truth to say she was also not one of her mother’s as well. This being the case since she had gained a figure similar to her mother’s that included not only her overly large breasts but the physical grace that allowed her to perform feats of athleticism which many even considered not possible for a girl, not only of her age but of any. These feats being the way she was able to play tennis, almost like a top professional along with having more strength than even most of the boys in her school, all of which leading her mother to consider getting her a trainer, who hopefully would guide her to one of the top places in the world of tennis.

As for Karen and Thomas, they at this point which is also the start of our story had been married for over 15 years, and like those who had been married for such a length of time had come to the point where sexual contact was no longer what was of the utmost importance, specially since Thomas had gone past the sixty mark. This being one of the factors that led to the decline in the frequency of their sex though not the only one, as Thomas in all reality had never been one to be overly active when it came to amorous activities. Karen for her part was still in an age when her body required such attentions but had come to settle with the fact that her husband would rarely, if ever be making the kind of incursions in to her intimacy as the one that had already brought about her first and only child.

As for other aspects regarding what concerns the marriage of Princess Karen and her husband, the grand duke Thomas, they despite their titles are not really what could be hailed as overly affluent, with the truth being that neither inherited either a great deal of money or even the ability to make it. Their business which they run as a couple being several clothing stores which for the most part concentrated on selling golf equipment and other sporting wear, that predominantly were expensive but sold relatively well given the reputation for quality products they had developed through out the years.

Chapter Two

It is this moment that our story picks up as we see a couple getting ready to go down to dinner in their LA home, which they share with their only daughter. Theirs is what most would consider a nice and comfortable home though not really luxurious by any means yet in a way it has that elegance which lets one see that this is a couple who does posses a certain class that places them slightly above those around them.

We see Karen sitting in front of a mirror and table, brushing her long blonde hair which given her age and desire to look dignified she now a days keeps only to her shoulders. Karen on this occasion is wearing something simple which includes a pair of black cotton pants, along with a white Polo shirt, making her tanned upper body more apparent.

It is as Karen fixes her hair, that we see her husband Thomas put on a dark blue summer jacket which he intends to wear with a white shirt and a pair of light brown pants, this being his favorite way of dressing on days that like this one are hot but not overly though theirs is an air-conditioned home. Karen for her part has been meaning to tell her husband about her plans to find, Kasiutrella a manager to take care of the tennis career she is planning for her daughter.

Karen, once feeling her hair is exactly the way she wanted to present it on to others, turns around and says in an almost completely unemotional tone “I’ve been thinking of finding someone to guide, Kasiutrella’s career perhaps a manager, what do you think darling?”. Thomas felt his wife would be asking him a question of sorts as she during the last few weeks had been hitting, in no unclear way for their daughter to turn professional, so it was with no surprise that his wife’s question impacted on him, who still was not sure a professional tennis career was the right thing for their daughter, at such an age though he was aware that if she was going to be a professional tennis player the time definitely was at hand.

“I know you have been wanting for Kasiutrella, to become professional a long time but are you sure it is what she wants?” was Thomas’s reply which he really did feel was important to be answered, for he in all truth did not want his wife’s ambitions to be what mattered but his daughter’s, specially since they were talking about her future. “You have seen her play and her coach says she shows as much promise as any of those other girls he has seen play” Karen replied looking at her husband whom she could see was finished adjusting his jacket and putting on his eau de toilet. “You know very well, that I am not talking about her ability but her willingness to play the game like a professional”, Thomas replied with some sarcasm and frustration.

Karen then looking up seeing her husband slightly annoyed simply smiled as she had done so many times before as she in all reality know what her husband had meant but felt it was not something they could discuss without Kasiutrella, herself who in all fact had never really stated one way or the other weather or not she wanted to turn professional. “I know what you meant but this we have to talk over with her, don’t you think?” Karen spoke in words of softness as she leaned over and touched her husbands hand, who stood behind her.

Karen for her part was not one who could be called a brilliant woman in any regards; as she did have certain charm though in the eyes of the more sophisticated hers was perhaps overly mid western American in it’s simplicity even if she never pretended to be what she was not by putting on intellectual airs. Concerning, the work she did this was an area where she also knew her limitations of not being overly creative yet she did compensate with her enthusiasm and hard work combined with discipline and modesty that let her see when the ideas of others were more suited. It was however in all this that she was one who one should not underestimate; given how she could be very convincing in her simplicity which in many ways could be taken for sincerity. All of which lending itself to creating her to be a mild success; as both the opera singer (semi retired) and part business owner she was.

Sexually speaking, she in many ways was one who had been raised on the notion that it was but a part of a marriage though not the most important by any means, which in reality was the concept that a married couple not only could but should go on even if sex could not be. Regarding her case, it was not so much that sex was a problem because she was one who could manage to get by without it as she had done for so long, perhaps she to a certain extent had lost interest or had been so involved in the relationship with her husband and work that she had almost forgotten about this part of life. Of course there was the possibility that she was just waiting, even if unknown to her for that one man to spark her up again, like her first lover had done so many years ago when her age was similar to her daughter’s, specially since she was still a woman whose body was still capable of drawing attention, given the figure she still kept via working out everyday and practicing such sports as kickboxing and weightlifting.

Karen Sue Cantrell was desirable to others; this there was little doubt in her mind and though she felt flattered by the attention she was almost certain it would only come from afar, as all were aware she was married and faithful to her husband. It was even strange to her how she could be playful with those around her, in the form of saying how she loved them and would send them kisses. She being almost like a child who knows not what it could arouse in somebody who desired her for her literal meaning instead of the almost coquette one she wished to present of the friendly housewife.

Karen and her husband in all that was theirs had not been completely deprived of a sex life, in spite of Thomas being nearly 80 years of age as Karen in her playful ways was one to keep up his interest in the act as much as she could. This being the case when she would stroke his root under the table sometimes discretely in front of guest who had never managed to catch on to what Karen was up to. Of course Karen still being a woman capable of lust, at times went further in her attempts to arouse her husband that even lend wind to the sails of his vanity such as when she from time to time would awake him with a kiss on his male pride, though she in all truth was to shy to take it all in to her mouth. Intercourse in the traditional way had not been theirs in over ten years yet despite this Karen did manage to keep up certain thrill in their lives with regards to this as she would often bend over so her husband’s root could be what she felt through her clothes or sometimes when her bottom was bare. It would even amused her how her husband would in bed take to her breast almost as if he were back in infancy; doing likewise with his mother, though the truth is she would have preferred this attention to be delivered on to the rose of her woman.

This the part of her which contrary to her believes required more of this kind of attention plus the more solid than she would ever allow herself to admit either to her husband or even to herself in private, as she in a way had become one to believe herself to be above sex. This perhaps given both her age and title which she carried with her like a badge she wanted all to see and admire. For her part it was not that she was deceiving herself that hers was a full sex life with her husband as her body had not known an orgasm in almost ten years that had not been produced by her own hand yet she was content in what was still theirs though she was all too aware it would not last very long as her husband was even loosing interest.

Thomas agreed with a smile and a nod to his wife’s suggestion as they walked down to the dinner table in what was bound to be another sit down with their daughter, who was always asked to partake in their meals even if hunger did not suffice for her to eat. Formality was one thing that for the most prevailed in these evening affairs where slightly though not overly elegant attire was required from its participants which on this occasion would only include Princess Karen, Thomas and their daughter; Kasiutrella.

Dinners in this residence despite not always being formal were always carried out with a certain air of pomp as that is how Princess Karen and her husband would approach the table, even when doing it solely for their own benefit. This with them always walking down the broad stairs of their two story house side by side as if doing it on a red carpet of sorts, as they made their way through their large house which like most of what surrounded them was neither overly expensive nor outstanding in any real way. As for their house, it was fashioned in what could be referred to as the typical American manner which in many ways was plain with those slight touches of European flavor in the form of small of statues on the mantle and paintings of castles which in fact were investments.

On this occasion as Princess Karen and Thomas walked in to their dinning room they found their daughter; Kasiutrella already seated at the table and much to both their disapproval had already commenced on the meal of the evening. It was these details which mattered in this household as both Karen and Thomas wanted to keep a certain decorum, specially Thomas who in many ways had been forced given many circumstances to live below what he felt his position should have provided him. Kasiutrella, on this occasion had also decided to wear clothes which for the most part she was aware her parents preferred her not to wear at the table. This coming in the form of the clothes she wore to play tennis which included a short white skirt, a t-shirt of many colors along with white sox as well as her sneakers of the same color.

Kasiutrella, in all reality on at that day had not had much in the way of time to get changed and showered for this meal as her parents would have wanted to; given not only that she had just finished practice at the club apart from how hungry she was to the point of not even taking in to consideration that she was doing what she knew her parents objected to.

Karen and Thomas entered their dinning room to the vision of their daughter, who had already gone through her soup and was about to start on the main course which on that day would be chicken, rice and baked potatoes. It was the sight of her parents that reminded Kasiutrella, that hers should have been to wait despite her hunger being what it was from the fatigue of having to practice her serve for what on that day had seemed hours on end. Kasiutrella however was in that age which to a certain extend demanded that she question all the morality and ideas she had been raised on. This lending cause for her not to immediately apologize for her lack of courtesy which in all truth she had come to see in a different light. It being that if she was hungry and the meal was served; why then should she wait for those who were late? Of course her also arguing to herself that why did it mean so much to some to not only eat together but to start doing so at the same time. As if those who started after the rest would be at some unfair disadvantage or could not enjoy their food as much, simply because some were already further in to it than they were.

It was not so much any more that Thomas minded such details, however he did feel it was always necessary to make it a point of saying something when such did occur, therefore it was with some jest that he stated “Kasiutrella, young lady I know you are hungry but you could at least try to wait for us before you commence” as he and Karen stood above her almost in judgment of her acts. “Oh, Thomas it is not like we are not late, if anything it is us who should say we are sorry for making her wait” Karen said almost trying to convince her husband it was them who were at fault. It was not that Thomas felt this was such a big issue but the truth was he was a man who had little to talk about other than such matters; given his business and details in protocol, which he never really managed to see were to a large extent a matter of interpretation with not everyone agreeing with him. This being the case as to not only how to follow its rules but ultimately what if any importance they should have in our lives.

Karen and Thomas took their seats with Thomas always sitting at the head of the table as the man of the house was supposed to while his wife took his right flank, leaving their daughter the left one, which in a way made her feel as if she were constantly being looked at for points or perhaps flaws she might commit during the meal. She could even remember the days when they would eat at the table and have to sit at its opposite ends. This meaning her father would sit at one end, while her mother at the other and she in the middle; creating a distance that made conversation awkward to say the least or such it was till one day Karen herself decided that perhaps it would be better to sit down together as a family and forget the ways of the wealthy.

Kasiutrella, in all reality was not one to revel against authority let alone her parents however she did have her views on many subjects which contrary to before she was more than willing to have known. “I never understand why it bothers people that somebody does not wait to start dinner, with them as if they could not do it after the other person has already started, will their food taste any worse? It is like a race where the point is to start all together and if one does so first it is cheating? I mean what is the significance of that specially if some arrive before I mean I understand it if we are all sitting together and somebody starts before the rest have been served but when a person starts before someone who has not even arrived at the table” Kasiutrella spoke with a certain air of pride as if she felt hers had been a winning argument which gave her cause for certain smugness.

Karen seeing that Kasiutrella had made her point did not see the need to continue with the same argument therefore interjected with what many knew to be her sense of calm that almost never went in to passion, though did not always include reason “Ok, that is enough young lady, you have made your point now may we please drop the subject?”. Karen’s smile could convince more than her words and on this occasion it was just this which led talk to another subject, as Thomas was not really in the mood to quarrel over an issue which was not even all that important.

“Well, at least I hope she will show more control in front of our house guest who is arriving tomorrow”, Thomas stated almost as if he were both trying to change the subject while getting in the last word about the previous one. Karen and Kasiutrella appeared surprised at that moment, as if they were hearing something which perhaps was not complete news to them but they had not expected. “Are we having house guest?” Karen was first to ask while Kasiutrella looked on wondering when she should come in with a question of her own which she had not yet considered. “Yes, we are and I mentioned this several weeks ago so I don’t know why you look at me so shocked” Thomas explained in his natural way of speaking which for the most part was slow and deliberate, almost as if he had rehearsed everything he had to say. “Well, dad did mention it but he did not say exactly when this house guest would be coming” Kasiutrella added; almost feeling like an adult that she was being allowed to partake in such a discussion. “I have not forgotten what you said but I just thought your nephew would not be coming this time, after all hasn’t he been saying he would come visit and stay with us for such a long time and so far, he still hasn’t.” Karen added to the conversation wanting to express her point of view which she felt should not be misunderstood that she had something against this particular house guest.

Thomas for his part felt he should explain given the fact that he had declared so often without results that his nephew; Pierre would be staying in their house, which he did in the form “I know before I said he will come but now he has to. He has found a job in LA, working in the cinema as camera man so he will come and stay till he finds an apartment or a place to live”. Karen in reality was not well acquainted with Pierre apart from knowing him from the distance that allows one to appreciate the looks of a person which he surely did not lack or the overall personality which she in all truth had never taken any kind of fancy toward, given she found him overly flirtatious. “You know, I have known him for over 15 years since he was a teenager and in all that time I don’t think I have ever had any conversation that went beyond a few words of hello and how are you but I do remember though it has been sometime since I have seen him that he is good looking, Kasiutrella even had a crush on him many years ago” Karen cried out trying to make it clear she was in a way glad about having him as a house guest. Kasiutrella, was made shy about having had her childhood fantasy discovered given she had never said anything to support the claim that she in fact had been in love with Pierre, apart from her being in an age when she wanted not only herself but her views not to be left out of any conversation. “Mom, I did not have a crush on him, well maybe a small one but that was a long time ago, besides I don’t think he even noticed me. I was such a child then and he was more concerned with you than anything else”.

It was not so much the case that Thomas, was against the idea of a man being attracted to his wife as long as it did not lead to it being the other way around however there was something about Pierre he feared though he knew not what. Pierre after all had never shown interest or at least none which he could see in his wife or older women for that matter, however given he was 30 years old or more or less at the time which perhaps might lead to his taking an interest in Karen. Of course it also would not be the first time an attractive man had shown such an interest though for some reason he felt he should worry; as his age no longer allowed him to keep by sexuality the wife that was his but by a title which could be so easily be changed. Of course with him being the confident man he was or at least wanted to be seen as could not make it apparent in any way that he feared loosing his wife or having her have an affair with what he had always considered to be an upstart playboy. He in all that concerned this matter could have refused his nephew to stay in his home but knew this would lead to questions as to how he could refuse his sister’s grandchild; who came to him needing a place to stay while he found one of his own. It was the idea that perhaps it was overly silly to think his wife of so many years though younger than himself would have an affair with a man, with a house guest that guided him to accept thinking it was pointless to be afraid that something intimate would come about.

Thomas however was not one who cherished any kind of talked that even hinted his wife might be unfaithful which brought about his reply which he hoped would not come of as defensive but in jest “Pierre has an eye for lovely women, this is true but I think my wife also has an eye only for me or so I hope”. Karen in reality had never even considered the chance of a romance between herself and Pierre though she had found him attractive even if she found his nature too loose in regards to not only life but women, in generally whom he would not stay with any longer than the season he happened to encounter them in. “Yes, it is true my dear, my eye is only to gaze upon my husband and besides I think Pierre is attracted to any woman who is over the age of 15 and under my own so I don’t think he will even notice me, not that I want him to of course” Karen spoke in a flat tone of voice as she reached across the table to touch her husband’s hand who seemed almost worried, as if fearing his wife were hiding some sort of desire, not only from him but even herself. Naturally with Thomas being one who had been trained by society to hide his emotions along with fears, it could not have been even any where near being noticed that such was the case as he smiled back to his wife as they held hands.

Kasiutrella, seeing her parents in one of those moments of romance as their eyes focused on the other cried out, “Oh, how corny “my eye is only to gaze upon”, sounds like bad poetry next you two will start kissing”. Karen looked away from Thomas not catching his worried look as she said “Don’t knock it till you tried it with somebody you are in love with”. Kasiutrella, could feel both her parents looking at her as she finished of her food and retorted with some cockiness about her “What makes you think I haven’t tried that and more with somebody I just want?”. Karen was not one to ever be able to talk with comfort to her daughter of such matters and yet she knew her husband even feared the subject; with some firmness replied more from the need to have to say something “Please stop telling us these tales of romance, you know you are too young and I told you this will be for you only when you are 16 and not a day before”. Kasiutrella in fact had experienced more sexuality than she would ever admit to her mother let alone father, whom she saw more like a grandfather, this the case even if she unlike some of her friends was still a virgin said “Ok, mother if you say so but waiting is hard at my age” with a certain cynicism about her that her father preferred to ignore, though he would talk to his wife about later.

As for the rest of the meal it went by calmly; as they all finished what they served themselves, and Kasiutrella waiting for her parents; given she was in fact interested in how Pierre was going to direct a film at one of the studios. Karen for her part was even startled at how interested her daughter was to hear about Pierre’s career, to the point of staying almost a full half hour after having cleaned her plate as she seemed to somehow be moved by how Pierre had worked hard to get the job he was now sure to start in a week. Karen even suspected it might be this attraction for this man, who surely was one to capture the affections of many a young lady, specially like Kasiutrella who was perhaps overly romantic or even sexed though this second phase she was not aware of.

Chapter Three

There was something about the air that evening; perhaps it was the heat or the way she always felt at this time of year but there was something about the night which made Karen long for the touch of sexuality. Of course it did not escape her mind that part of her excitement had come from knowing that a younger man, who many considered to be a womanizer might desire her despite or perhaps due to her age being so much above his own.

Karen regardless of cause was exited, that evening as she got ready for bed putting on her night gown under which on the particular occasion she chose to wear without panties, in the hope and joy ever slight in hope that this part of her body which in her case was no longer protected by hair might be frequented by her husband’s tongue or root. She in a way felt like when she was in her early years of childhood, when attending a party with knowledge that made her aware she would not be allowed to stay up as late as the rest or fully enjoy what was to come as much as the rest who were older. Karen however on that evening did have some faint idea that theirs would go beyond the fondling and light caresses her sexual life had known for such a long time as to almost having wiped from her mind a time when her husband and her would engage in actions of penetration as to bring about ecstasy.

It was not that there was something new in what Karen was thinking on that evening, as many times had she put on her finest silk negligee only to have her almost dreams of more be met by the reality of her husband’s constantly advancing age; always approaching one that could be considered decrepit, if his was not already in that stage. Karen had even come to consider those nights on which her breast received a kiss or the attention of her husband’s tongue as one of making love, even if those lips so much bellow her breast had been ignored for so long by hands other than her own let alone any other part of her husband’s body which had become in many ways alienated from her most intimate component.

In what was these evening however there was one thing which could be considered new for Karen and that being her own daughter Kasiutrella, her having come to an age where womanhood lurked in her life to the point that it would not be long before sexuality would change her life. This being the case even if her mother preferred to think of her as a virgin, who would at least stay that way till an age which she considered acceptable though in all truth she had been excited by the idea that her daughter, had even taken to noticing how her mother still attracted attention.

Kasiutrella was a lovely young woman, very much so and this in so many ways reminded her of herself almost 40 years ago when her own body had started to develop along with the hormones that drove her to seek out the same desire for what was then novelty from those whose contrast would let her experience that which she could envision as being so lovely. It was perhaps this concept of youth in development that guided her to dare to strive for her rose to get the attention it so longed for, as it was desire to finally have the full treatment as she had come to call it that made her more adventurous with her husband that night.

This being to the point that Thomas, felt even slightly embarrassed as his wife Karen, started kissing and sucking his root after having gone through their ritual of shy mouth kisses along with his tongue taking taste from the rouge area on her large female mounds. Thomas, even feeling like a child who was being asked to do something he was not ready for, as if he were being put in a situation which should be obvious that he was no longer apt for; him feeling much like a fan at an opera who had suddenly been asked to get up on stage and take over the lead role. Thomas on any other occasion would have stopped his wife but there was something he could see in her eyes, that was almost like a furry that not only turned him on but even freighted him, almost as if she were a female rapist or the roles of their gender had been changed.

Karen was in control and this she knew well, like he had been so many years ago, where he guided yet it was now her who as she sucked with passion on his root was able to release some of its fury manifested in its hardness, which she could feel for the first time in so long as to make her of the mind that it might actually penetrate not only those lips which she had wrapped around it but those of so much more importance to her female anatomy. Thomas for his part felt he was being forced as she was using in fact though unknown to what she realized; her strength which given his age and her working out with weights had grown superior to his, to get him to do what she wanted. Karen seemed unrecognizable as she went at his male intimacy with ferocity, which in a way made Thomas who had never gone beyond conservative when regards to sex; feel as if he were being manipulated by this woman who seemed new to him. He placing his hands on her head as she worked on his root to give it the stiffness it would need to take that journey which had been so long in coming, in to those reaches in her which at times seemed so far.

Karen felt his lust growing as she tasted his root which in reality she despite all her effort knew would never achieve the stiffness it once had but was hoping would at least be able to have the strength to force its way in to that cave of her female desire; as it used to, so many years ago. This being what she was not going to be denied of that evening, feeling that she would rape her husband if need be but intercourse would be theirs, regardless of his desire or perhaps lack of it, for hers was what had to be satisfied.

All creating a situation similar to the soldier who is being made to go forward on the field of battle by a commander who is not in the least bit concerned weather or not he is willing or even able to accomplish the task he is being asked to perform. The reality being that concern is for victory and not the life of the soldier; who at most is expendable, where the cause will make all forget that some had to be sacrificed. Victory in Karen’s case being her husband leaving the seed of perhaps very limited desire in her rose which for so long had been limited only to what her own fingers could provide to give rise to its fantasy.

This being Karen’s perhaps not ultimate triumph yet one to cherish for what would be a long time to come, while Thomas was like the soldier who would not know glory on that day other than surviving the ordeal of the battle. All so he might perhaps fight another day or perhaps simply retire from the activities which in his case would be those of real intercourse, which at his age might even proof fatal, given what he claimed to have a heart that no longer could withstand the trials of a battle of the sexual kind.

Karen, once having established command over her soldier through superior physical strength which she had made clear she would not hesitate to use to get what she wanted much like a military commander using threats of court martial; felt in complete command to use her husband’s body as if it were an object for her desire wish she could mold and shape as her fancy struck her. How it felt to have her husband like this was something she had so often contemplated, for it was what she had always considered men to feel with a woman, whom they would take to injecting with their manhood as soon as their pride came about. It was she who for the first time in her life was in this position as she felt her husband in her mouth knowing he was as ready as his years would let him be to be taken by her as oppose to him taking her.

Princess Karen at that moment elevated herself to a sitting position from which she caught a glimpse of Thomas’s eyes, so fearful that he might not be able to perform what he was almost being forced to. It even seeming to Karen that he like a child was asking to be freed of the task he was being ordered to perform, though in reality the situation in his wife had gone beyond what she would or could control as she placed her legs around him in a way that she was riding him. All was ready and how freighted Thomas was; almost like a young girl who is about to loose her virginity, which in a way she is almost to embarrassed to say she wishes to keep but is more worried to let down the one who has worked up lusts as to make them dangerous should they be not fulfilled.

Karen seeing it all depended on her much like it often falls upon the male took charge, sensing this was the time as she took Thomas’s root which though not so hard would hopefully be able to at least penetrate the ring of her womanhood; entering her most graceful passage. It was not so much worry in her that it would not enter this place where she knew it wanted to be despite the fears its master felt but that it would not last long enough even in this arousal as to bring about her own moment of joy.

It was then that Karen so the main action could start that she simply pushed down with her behind; as she almost shoved his now going limp root in to herself, for what would be the start of their lovemaking. Thomas at that point was even shocked at what his wife had managed to get him to do much; like the student who is being led by his teacher to the extreme that he is no longer capable of making choices and is even surprised to see what he is capable of when directed in the right fashion. This what Karen was doing as she once having set herself at the right place, forced her body to go down on Thomas’s root which she felt inside her though nowhere near what it once had been.

Karen held on to Thomas’s shoulders much like a man pining down another or like Thomas had once done to her only it was her who held him and even forced him as she emphasized her waist’s movements almost to use him to make love to herself. Raise and descend she would as she held him; who was so mentally overwhelmed as well as physically to say anything let alone do anything, for this was not the way he was told sex should be. Karen was changing all the rules, she was making love to him solely as her will dictated.

Karen sensing her intruder, who in some regards was a prisoner; was not solid enough to reenter her ultimate sexual passage did not go up enough as to give it a chance to escape. All of which not letting up the pressure on her captive admirer, whom her lips tightened around as much as her muscles would allow her so she might squeeze from him the very offering once again which had so many years ago produced their first child.

Thomas was feeling a complete loss of control, as he looked up at the strong woman, much more than him; enjoying from his sexuality which even started to give arousal to his pride that he even at this age could in sense fulfill. How long had he not seen her in real ecstasy and though it would be hard to say hers was total; it was there, as she did moan and groan. This making her appear incredibly beautiful to him who could see her eyes close in ecstasy; reminding him of the smile she had.

Karen could sense hers was about to end which made her rush her tempo; to almost frantic as she seemed to almost be trying to get out the last drop from a fruit which was her husband’s root, in an attempt to make it give its splendor; so long not hers to cherish. Thomas could sense his wife was as she had not been in so many years and it was then he tried to give her that seed; he for the first time that evening touching her breast, while even trying to make his root provide.

Karen feeling her husband efforts, continued with mirth in what come to be the first orgasm she had felt inside her; which in a way was a victory, even if hers did not come other than the satisfaction that she had made Thomas exert himself more than he thought himself still capable of. Karen had been on the verge of her own, which was also more than she would have even thought possible at the start of the evening, while Thomas’s had come in the form of a light spray. This being what she wanted to praise as she rolled off him; much like a mother wishes to do with her son, who has just done something of certain merit.

Chapter Four

Karen went off her husband, almost as tired and fatigued as a man would usually be; for she in all reality had done the work while Thomas had but been a participant; much like most females are usually limited in their role. Thomas was tired and sweating; as if he had been in a marathon though in reality, it was not so much the physical effort which had tired him, for he did from time to time do physical exercise which was even more strenuous than what he had just done yet it was the lose of his seed which had made him weak. He on the other hand was proud as to what his body, even if largely assisted by his much younger wife had done, as he at his age; managed to have an orgasm, even if ever so slight in a woman who was still desired by many with infinitely more vigor than he. Thomas’s was fatigue which would not allow him to contemplate what had been, however his feelings were alive as he lay on his back almost out of breath, feeling much like a marathon runner whose fatigue is a badge of honor that he has at least finished the race.

Karen for her part, felt like the general who has won the battle but is all too aware that the war was more than lost yet can take certain pride that he had at least delayed defeat a little longer; though ultimately defeat is inevitable. This being the case since such nights were not to be hoped for again, since they more than likely would not return with any frequency if at all. Karen in a way was saddened by this much like a person who has been allowed to stay in a luxurious hotel by a chance wish probably will never repeat itself and not by his or her own money which he or she knows will more than likely never suffice to return.

Karen had not achieved orgasm however in all this was not a malcontent and felt happy, as it had been more than she would have even dared dream for, after all her rose had gotten more attention than it had in the last ten years. “Thank you, Thomas.” Karen spoke as she tried to get back her breath. Thomas not really knowing what to think asked “What are you thanking me for?”. Karen feeling it was apparent that she was praising his efforts which had been pushed almost beyond his limit said “For loving me and making me happy tonight like I have not been in a long time.” as she looked in to his eyes which contrary to hers were but tired.

Karen in a way was grateful but if truth be known even if just to herself; had become even more full of desire, though this would be truly what could be called “asking too much” from a man who by all means had been deprived of all energy though she did want more. This in and of itself was not a problem as she could sneak off to the bathroom in the night to bring about her own orgasm; as she had done on so many previous nights however she did begin to ponder the future and would this come about again and how long it would take for her to loose interest in this which if all be considered held but novelty value to a woman so awakened to the idea that she might have so much more even if by this very small display.

All consideration of the sort was for the future, for the time present was to some extent; one to celebrate. It being what she did as she lay on her back, holding her husband’s hand in the hope she had not hurt him in any way. These being fears she did not want to mention out loud as she might be implying that her husband’s body had been overly pushed or that he was too old for what had been theirs. In a way she went back to the role of what was expected of a woman, meaning the one that dictated she should wait on his words to tell her what had to be or what had been.

Thomas did not reply right away as he really felt there was nothing he wanted or need to say; as it was a certain degree of pride and even vanity that lent to his holding up appearances by saying “I am glad I can still make you happy.” as he put up his pajama pants and rolled over with the word “Good night”. Karen did not know what to say other than “Good night” as she waited for her husband to doze of so she might conclude what had been initiated in the bathroom.

Thomas while in the process of falling in to the slide that leads to slumber felt he had accomplished something much like the runner; who has been forced to go beyond what he thought he was capable of and in a strange way was grateful he had been made to do what he had. This since he in truth to himself did not ignore the fact that he would not have done what he had on his own accord.

Chapter Five

It in a way was strange; as having made love to her husband had not really satisfied her but quit the contrary had left her with more longing than usual to go in to the place she had turned in to her haven. This being her bathroom which was another than her husband’s; who would never use hers just as she would never use his. To Karen in many ways this almost nightly ritual had become one very much similar to a sleep walker, who acts on instinct, not aware of where he or she is in the physical form; as that person is living out a fantasy in his or her mind where the body is simply trying to keep pace with the ideas of the mind.

Of course the reality was not one that Princess Karen was sleep walking, for she knew perfectly well what her body was doing as well as what she wanted. She in what had become almost routine would get up as she did not that night once she was sure her husband had dozed off and go to her bathroom, which she would do so barefoot and on tip toes; as to not awake her husband, who on some nights was prone to waking up in the middle of the night.

Karen had come to threat these experiences as a way of going back to the past or perhaps a secret rendezvous with a mysterious devotee; which in her case was the 9 inch instrument she kept in a secret compartment of her bathroom just under the tub. It being what she on so many occasions had soaked, providing her with more erotic flight of fancy for her body’s senses than even the hot water and salts she tended to have her baths with. Regarding this rubber vibrator which she had come to treasure, almost as much if not more than any piece of jewelry she had, it in fact was given to her by a friend, who more in jest gave it to her after the two had visited a sex shop and had even gone to the trouble of checking out; more for the amusement of having the clerk at the store demonstrate how it performed its function. How she and her friend Patricia, had enjoyed themselves that day seeing that shy young man showing them how a vibrator worked, with regards to not only how to put in its batteries or turn it on but the fashion in which it should be held to allow it to stimulate that part of the feminine anatomy it was mainly intended to. Karen had been so intrigued by it as she would have never imagined that something of the sort could be used by so many women like herself, yet it was at first only curiosity that led her to ask if this small but potent lover; in its ability to never grow tired could be used to penetrate the opening from behind which in fact she had never allowed any man to use.

It was this the moment she treasured the most as that young man, who in reality was neither good looking nor charming in any way apart from being overly bashful told her that many a high society lady like herself came to the place saying they just wanted to have information if these was possible. Karen could even imagine how many a woman (unlike herself at the time) stooped so low as to use this device on their anal entrance to obtain that which their husbands no longer would or could provide. Some even preferring this rubber object given the greater control they had over it and because it would not be painful and would stop when they desired. Naturally there were those who preferred the services of this which had come to be her favorite toy given they did not want to give the impression that by preferring or desiring this form of penetration they were prone to being overly loose or would perform the act with any man. It was this precious reason which Karen, herself said more in jest than anything that would be the reason if she were ever to purchase one of those “sinful toys of the devil” as she dubbed it.

Karen’s friend; Patricia had always admired Karen’s sense of humor and in an attempt to play a practical joke on her friend went through the trouble purchasing the very same vibrator they had looked at and wrapping it in red paper, on which she wrote the words “sinful toy of the devil” which instantly told Karen what she would be opening. This put Karen on alert that on that Christmas; this was a gift which though presented in jest she should by no means open in front of her husband, as contrary even to her own intensions it would become his substitute in those most intimate parts of her anatomy.

Karen at first only kept this “toy of the devil”, given she really knew not what to do with it, for whom could she pass it on to and could she really throw away a present which she could always show to other friends as a way to get even with Patricia for her perhaps bad taste. It in a way was odd that as soon as her eyes saw the present she knew where she would keep it; in a place she was sure would never be discovered, yet it was not with the purpose of keeping it long, as she in fact intended to return it to Patricia. Patricia in turn shocking her by saying she had one of her own, which she used more often than she would ever admit to any friend who was not as close as Karen. All of which leading to some guilt in Karen that she had felt any rancor with her friend for this present, which perhaps was given with not only mirth in mind but intensions of her physical enjoyment, though at first impact had made her feel some resentment toward Patricia.

It was with a lot of reluctance that Princess Karen even turned on her devil’s toy and even more so that she introduced it in to her body; at first around her rose and eventually in to the area of herself nature had dubbed her vagina, with the pretext which she even doubted at first that she was merely doing it as an experiment just so she might see what it was like. It being very similar to somebody trying something he or she knows he or she will not like but does so just to say it was at least tried. This argument her mentality imposed on her was accepted at first but how many times can one try something with the excuse that it is not for pleasure but just to grab the taste, this the case since she had already used it 10 times with multiple orgasms when she finally allowed herself to accept that this little toy was in fact her lover.

Karen in many ways had made hers in to a drill which she repeated every time almost identically, every time she went in to her bathroom with the purpose of self satisfaction or the one of the mind as she had come to think of. This being that it was her memories that motivated her devils toy to those points so giving in ecstasy, which she could find with so much more ease than she felt any man would ever be able to, for how could a man ever know which points to touch; save he be told or observe her in the act but this she was certain would never be.

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