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The Secret Erotic Life Of Princess Karen Sue Cantrell Of The Republic Of Aquitaine (Arranging Kasiutrella's First Night)

Another fictional sexually motivated story between Karen Sue Cantrell and her daughter, Kasiutrella.

Chapter One

Karen Sue and Pierre had been near one another in sexuality and friendship for time considered long and joyous yet it was she who had started to worry. It being true that she had been able to arouse the interest of a man two decades her junior, yet it was her doubts which asked for how long? He all things taken in to account was a man known for never being too long with any one woman, as if he kept looking for something else or perhaps just became bored with whom he had. It was not so much that she doubted in her own beauty feminine charm as much as feeling he was one to prefer variety.

It was with trepidation of the kind that led her to a plan which almost horrified her at first that she could even conceive let alone decide on executing. It was all so simple, she had calculated every step; from the emotions of those involved, to how she figured they would react. For her it was but a matter of sufficient nerve to do what her mind dictated was in everybody’s best interest.

Karen’s intensions were to unite her daughter, Kasiutrella and her admirer; to attend what was bound to be her last performance as an opera singer. It would be even before Kasiutrella and Pierre would attend this her last performance that the plan was put in to motion. Karen taking Kasiutrella shopping, for all those attires a lady with sights on the opera was expected to don. All of which Karen; herself had cherished and associated with her womanhood did she pass on to Kasiutrella, in the shape of a long crimson ballroom gown for the occasion yet it would come in what was worn in privacy.

How Karen decorated her daughter that evening was what brought stimulus to her feminine vanity. It being Kasiutrella’s pale legs adorned by dangling white silks from garters; almost matching the sensual ivory flesh they lend fashion to. All to complete the portrait of the alluring lady she wished her daughter to be. Karen had looked over Kasiutrella, as she inspected her for what would be her night to remember even if her suspicion was not yet up to the task of foreseeing what her mother could.

The opera went by magnificently; after which Karen asked of Pierre to escort Kasiutrella out to dinner; which in reality had been planed for herself yet it was Karen who insisted her daughter take her place. Pierre she asked to comfort Kasiutrella, in these days still not far from her father’s demise. Kasiutrella had for her own been given a role in Karen’s scene which required her to simply turn amicable to one whose nature had been helpful to them for a long time.

Karen had gone to a dinner to which she was invited to with both Kasiutrella and Pierre. A feast it was in her honor, she being one who had renounced once and for all from the opera. Naturally, Karen went through all the steps of protocol when she informed her host neither Kasiutrella or Pierre would be present; her pretext one of charm; wishing it to be for those of the opera yet authentic reasons were far from this.

Karen however with her thoughts on Kasiutrella and Pierre did manage to leave the gala event held in her honor early, much to the protests of her friends and hostess; so she might be sure to greet Kasiutrella upon her return home with Pierre. Excited Karen felt as she awaited Kasiutrella’s return from what she had come to consider her first real date with a gentleman to take her out of all childhood fantasy and in to her own female reality.

Kasiutrella and Pierre arrived home late with the excess joy and influence of the night’s beverages that usually accompany those who have taken cloak in a nocturnal outing. Karen for her mother’s care could not but detect the evening’s effects on Kasiutrella, who she felt the need to scold for what she considered her inappropriate hour of arrival. It was rage which guided Karen as she opened the door for Kasiutrella and Pierre, she dressed in the white nightgown so much favored by Pierre.

Karen however despite her mean furry and jealousy of both Kasiutrella and Pierre waited for her moment to strike; for them to take seat on the sofa in the living room in which she had been waiting in attire more suited for a lover than anybody else. Kasiutrella and Pierre sitting down on the sofa as Karen looked at them with a certain amount of hatred in her eyes for what she more than certainly did not approve of.

“Young lady, do you think this is an appropriate time to come home and in this state of having drunk too much, I won’t even ask what you too have been up to but I will not have my daughter while she is living under my roof running around like a tramp till God knows what hours of the night and doing what ever she please with whom ever she pleases” were Karen’s words which she said with almost controlled fury; as her voice had not gone beyond her normal in volume yet held about it a tone which suggested she would use it to cause as much damage as she could to the one who was her daughter. Kasiutrella, in all reality had never expected her mother to react in this way, as she had been encouraged to go out and even have some champagne which she had not even had all that much of but perhaps given the fact that she had mixed it with drinks had produced a stronger effect than she would have hoped for. She was stunned at her mother’s words; as if she could not believe the circumstances that had come about; which even seem to take her out, ever slightly from the drunken state she was in.

Pierre at that moment did not know what to say or how to react as in all sincerity he treated such arguments as not being the kind he should get involved in; given they were between a mother and daughter yet it was on this occasion that he felt he should step in should Karen turn to violence against her own daughter. Of course there was also the factor in this particular case that to a certain extent this issue did perhaps in an indirect way concern him, since it had been he who had taken Kasiutrella out and even to some extent gotten her in trouble.

Karen was in full rage as she looked at her daughter with a touch of ever visible disdain and at her appearance which she felt portrayed a woman who had been involved in sexual activities in public places, given the way her dress had become almost wrinkled. “Mother what is wrong? Have I done something I should not have? You did say to go out with Pierre and have a good time or did you not?” Kasiutrella finally spoke; almost afraid that she had misunderstood what she had been asked or as if she for the first time in her whole life did not know the sort of person her mother in truth was.

Karen at that moment looked on with a triumphant gaze upon her, this being the last thing she wished to let on at that moment; for she could see the fear starting to mount in her daughter’s eye, as she did her utmost to hid what might not give the show of rage. “I told you to go out and have a good time; not be a slut and a drunken one at that and as for you, you pathetic gigolo I told you to show my daughter a good time and not try to seduce her or have you done it already perhaps in the car or did you have the class to take her in to the restroom at the restaurant or perhaps the disco; I can see you both went to?” Karen asked in a way all could see had been rhetorical yet Kasiutrella at this point felt worse than she ever had when talking to her mother. Her mother had never referred to her as such and all of a sudden she did feel like what she had been called, not because she in fact had but she started to despise the close she had been made to wear and even could see that theirs had been slightly flirtatious though in all truth it had been limited to dancing and a peck or two on each other’s mouth which she had even noticed her mother to do with some of her male and sometimes even girlfriends though perhaps it was not acceptable for her.

Kasiutrella, at that moment gave the appearance of one who would not be long in starting to cry; her eyes turning red as if tears would not be long in following. Karen even sadistically waiting for it while she also did not remove her stare of Pierre whom she could see was uncomfortable under the tense atmosphere she had created; her detecting he had not figured out how and when he should step in perhaps in the defense of the one who had been his escort for the evening.

It was then that Kasiutrella could no longer hold back the tears as they began to scream from her eyes, that Pierre intended to say something only to stopped by Karen who had been waiting for this precise instant to continue her onslaught of not only her daughter but Pierre, “She cries and you say nothing, I asked you two if you had slept together and this is the reply I get, well now it is all too clear to me” Karen spoke in a tone of almost malice yet always remembering not to go up to what could be a scream, as Karen had learnt through out the years that the best way to scold someone was to use a stern tone which did not have to be loud but cold in the way it accentuated each word.

Kasiutrella continued to cry as if not knowing what to say or do, as if she even expected her mother to throw her out of the house, given she already knew about the affair her mother and Pierre were having even before the death of her father yet had she wanted him too. It was for certain nothing but a few kisses had come from theirs however had her mother cause to believe she had made love to her boyfriend, for it was the appearance portrayed even if falsely. These thoughts were going on in Kasiutrella’s mind as she listened to her mother and Pierre argue about how nothing of the sort had happened between him and herself with Karen repeating she did not believe a word of it; while Pierre claimed she could ask the mutual friends they had to confirm what he was saying.

Kasiutrella however had come to develop a wisdom from her father which told her that at times like this it was wisest not to argue specially when alcohol had had its way and to wait till the morning when the logic of those involved would not be so hampered by the heat of the moment. Kasiutrella, would explain everything to her mother, knowing she would not expect her to do any less yet however it was seeing the condition she know found herself in with her dress in fact wrinkled beyond what looked acceptable and her stockings slightly torn that made her see that her appearance would not aide her cause that led Kasiutrella to realize that it be best she make herself scarce.

Tears had not yet subsided yet she figured their was more chance for her to get back her calm if she simply went of to her room and to bed; for all would seem clearer once she removed her dress and got in her bed where she had always managed to find some solace. “Good night” Kasiutrella said in a teary voice as she stood up in front of her mother who had not yet ceased to verbally assault Pierre; who seemed to be almost mocking her as if she were a woman who had been attacked by a lunacy of the most absurd kind which added to paranoid sensations.

Karen upon hearing her daughter say good night looked at Kasiutrella with even more rage which even she was not sure how she had been able to muster it and said “Yes, I want you to go to bed and get the fuck out of my sight, you make me sick to look at some drunken floozy” while standing up herself just in front of Kasiutrella, who seemed freighted. This in spite of her already being taller than her mother by several inches. Kasiutrella, at that moment felt insulted, more than anything that stretched even beyond being hurt. This being what Karen saw in her daughter’s eyes, who finally found it in her to look her mother directly. As if doubting her mother even meant what she had said yet Karen had made up her mind to impose fear on her daughter; which she would do at all cost. This leading to the ever quick and sudden slap she caught her daughter with in the face, who had never really been struck by either of her parents till that moment.

Karen had wanted to say something to her daughter but felt words had lost their edge which prompted her to take to a physical attack which even surprised her; who though did not show in her reaction even feared she would be hit back. Kasiutrella, already being in an age where her body was not of less strength than her own. Kasiutrella, however cried bitterly more from humiliation than pain as she ran off to her room.

Karen then looked at Pierre; after Kasiutrella had ran out of the room and much to his even greater shock with a completely different expression on her face; almost as if none of the bitterness which had transpired had taken place and it all had been but an illusion or figment of his imagination. Karen, truly at that moment seemed like a woman who was completely out of her mind as she almost smiled while walking over to Pierre, who was more confused than ever as he waited for Karen to let out some sort of explanation for what now seemed to have been but a pantomime.

Karen took a seat, next to him on the sofa seeming more like the lady he had known all through out what had been their relationship and started in a friendly tone “I’m sorry, I am not really angry at you or her but I just don’t want her to go out like that and get drunk, it does not look dignified for a young lady to come home like that and as for you; I know you did not try to seduce her and nothing went on between you two but I just want her too see what men will be like someday. I trust you to take care of her and I want you to be her friend, she needs one after the death of her father (it was at this point that Pierre was lost yet he did get the message that Karen had wanted to make a point about something which even she did not seem to sure of) specially a man”.

Karen at that moment took Pierre’s hand as she had done so many times before and started kissing him in the mouth; who went along more from not knowing what to really say or do, given he felt this had already been discussed. “Please also understand that I was jealous, perhaps it is stupid for a mother to be such about her daughter but you have to admit she is lovely and I can see the way you stare at her at times but I know you two will respect me enough to stay away from making love like we do” Karen spoke now as if attempting to seduce Pierre who still was not sure what to do though his attention toward sexuality was being aroused by not only her words but the way she was now almost lying on top of him who remained seated. Karen pressing her breast against his chest as if tempting his stroke upon those pink areas so familiar to his tongue.

Karen seeing Pierre was becoming more excited as her hand’s touch sensed from his root continued “Pierre can you do something for me?”, as if she already knew what she needed to; simply from what little theirs had been. Pierre feeling relieved after being convinced hers had been but an effect of humor and perhaps hormones of the age began to caress the one who many considered to be his lady of passions as he replied “Sure what do you want me to do?” almost with some guilt; as perhaps he had taken too many liberties with Kasiutrella.

Karen and Pierre continued their activities of sexual arousal, her having guided his hands to go inside her gown; to touch those areas of her which he could sense had taken on the moisture required for theirs to be; as they were near a lying position on the sofa for two. “I want you to go to Kasiutrella’s room and explain to her that you were not trying to seduce her but that you just want to be her friend like you want to be close to our family, explain to her the kind of relationship we have and that it is wrong for you and her to even think about anything of the sort. Tell her and make her feel that you will always be there for her, like her father was and that she can rely on you for anything she should ever hope for” Karen said while Pierre listened carefully as they held each other tight and looking in to each other’s eye.

“I will if you want me to but don’t you think you should talk to her too?” Pierre asked with some shyness; as if feeling he were taking on too much freedom by even suggesting. Karen then smiled in a way which even baffled Pierre, who could see a certain joy about her which he did not really see the cause of as she continued in the way of “I will talk to her tomorrow but I think it is important for you to go in to her bedroom (there was something almost sensual in the way she said this word) and explain to her tonight so she will not go to sleep believing you were looking to make love to her and she will know it was but a misunderstanding on her part; after all the death of her father was very hard on her”. Pierre could not see anything wrong with the argument he had been presented with other than the one he stated with some concern in his words “But don’t you think it is best if I speak to her tomorrow, considering how she feels now and that she is tired?”.

Karen in all truth had expected Pierre to respond as he did which made her reply “It will only be but a few minutes and tell her with all sincerity that she will always be special to you as I am; because you once said you would take care of me and Kasiutrella if my husband were no longer around”. Pierre at that moment did not really know what to say other than “ok” as he separated from Karen and walked off in the direction of Kasiutrella’s room. Pierre figuring that it would be but a few moments and some words of tenderness like he had once used upon a cousin of his who had gotten the wrong idea regarding the same.

Chapter Two

Pierre knocked on Kasiutrella’s bedroom door; hoping simply to explain what should be effortless, in the form of declaring that though he did like her very much and even think her a beautiful young lady he was involved with her mother; apart from not wanting to take advantage of her youth. Pierre even preparing the words he would say; which included explaining how it would not be long before she found another one who would make her even laugh at how she had at one point even considered him as a man for herself.

“Go, away mother, I don’t want to talk to you tonight; this can wait till tomorrow!” were the words he heard as he waited outside her door. Pierre at any other moment would have announced his presence and explained the reason for his wanting to see her yet there was something about the night and the way Karen had spoken to him along with her touch that made him simply open the room and enter to see Kasiutrella sitting at her desk sobbing. It was odd to him how women, even young ones like Kasiutrella had never failed to turn him on when ever he saw them with their eyes almost cried out and in a desperate state as she was; still in her dress with make up running down her check; as she turned around to where he now stood probably expecting to find her mother.

Kasiutrella having lost conscious of the position of her legs, had placed one foot on top of her chair; leaving her in a position that exposed the inside of her dress to him; who could see clearly that her were stockings. Pierre, as he approached Kasiutrella became excited by her legs, which seemed to add to her sexuality as well as her sadness which she could see so clearly in her red eyes which seemed to be gazing up at him almost like a homeless child. Pierre for a moment forgetting what he would say however his words were not the ones that would be heard as Kasiutrella simply cried out “I am sorry, I got you in trouble” as she placed her arms around the one who had come to consul her. Pierre feeling overwhelmed by the warmth of her body, contrary to feeling unaffordable took an air of wanting to protect her more with his embrace than the almost sermon he had prepared about how they should be only friends.

Kasiutrella, cried on Pierre’s shoulder as he knelt in front of her chair; clinging on to him as if one who simply needed somebody’s shoulder just to release all the emotion she had within. Pierre in all truth had not been too keen on explaining what Karen had asked of him, given he felt it was really something which had already been understand between himself and Kasiutrella. He having accepted to come to Kasiutrella’s room only because of her mother’s insistence, perhaps so Karen might feel better about herself; specially after what she had said and done yet it was as she held Kasiutrella in his arms, with her sobbing and looking in his eyes lovingly that he realized the speech he had prepared on his way to her room would only get in the way of the friendship they were feeling for each other.

Pierre; however for his part was still slightly aroused by what he and Karen had commenced and the sensation of Kasiutrella’s body so close to his own only helped to renew this in him as he held her who seemed so warm and lovable. She even kissing him on the check and slightly on the mouth as they had done that evening. Once with their tongues while dancing a slow number at the disco. Pierre once arrived at that moment would have simply said good night wishing her to sleep well had it been any other day under any other circumstances but it was then that it became perfectly clear what he as a man should do.

Pierre proceeded to pick up Kasiutrella in his arms, much like one does with an infant and carry her to bed; where their relationship would be decided in favor of what they had both wanted from the start. Kasiutrella had dreamed of this moment for a long time; being held by this man like she knew her mother was yet there was fear in her which made her shake as if with fever; for this would be her first time. The way to her bed in Pierre’s arms was not long yet it seemed eternal as her rose moistened from the strength he demonstrated not only in the way he carried her but the lust she could see in his eyes. Kasiutrella, had been aroused by the evening and to a large extent her mother’s action yet she needed to be reassured she would be handled the way she had always wanted to, which was in fact what she meant when she cried out still in her admirer’s arms “Please, don’t hurt me”. Pierre smiling warmly at these words as he responded “I love you Kasiutrella, like your mother; I’ll never hurt you, ever”, just before placing her on the bed with their second kiss; on that evening to involve both their tongues.

Kasiutrella had waited for this moment for so long; almost since childhood. It being then when she first had visual contact with the man, whose intensions were now all too clear that they would make love. Pierre kissed Kasiutrella, who had become perhaps due to what had occurred before; filled with the lust that takes all who experience it. Pierre however being the one of the two with the more experience led his hand down Kasiutrella’s dress to that spot on her breast he knew so well for all the delicate features it possessed.

There was even a slight moan from Kasiutrella; as her breast’s areoles were called to attention yet she was now a very young woman, who desired not to cover familiar ground but have theirs end where none other had ever delivered her. Kasiutrella feeling the need for Pierre’s root simply took matters to herself; knowing he was with her to guide. Kasiutrella lusted and was not about to have her virginity continue; making her almost to Pierre’s surprise spread her legs, allowing his body between them as she raised her dress, exposing to his eyes the white stockings she wore beneath.

Pierre was ready; his root had taken the form required to intrude itself inside Kasiutrella; them both feeling foreplay in further form would be but a disturbance. This given how the events of the evening concerning all the accusations and even violence had served this purpose; to the point of taking them to where theirs was at hand.

Kasiutrella with her legs apart felt Pierre’s presence about to penetrate her yet it was his hand that seemed to search for something between her legs; as she felt his stroke on the most intimate part of her sexuality. This being the part of her which like the fashion of the time was not covered by hair. Pierre looked at her with a smile; realizing she was not wearing this under garment (Karen had suggested she not wear any, given how their line would be visible through the dress’s light fabric) which would have definitely gotten in the way.

Kasiutrella’s smile of approval told Pierre that all was ready; for theirs which had almost been imposed on them by circumstances and it was then that in the most traditional of positions, Pierre thrust his root on to Kasiutrella’s rose, which up till then was unaware of such sensations. Kasiutrella felt a sharp pain as she had so often heard referred to by all her girlfriends; who had already engaged in their first full sexual encounter yet it was her being ready that lessened this unpleasant impact. It however was only this initial moment for once her rose had fully adopted, it did not take but a few strokes for theirs to become the actions of lovers accustomed not only to the act but each other. This being the case since their moves had become coordinated; Pierre holding Kasiutrella by the shoulders as his eyes looked in to hers in the same mode she had so often imagined they did at her mother.

Kasiutrella, now moaning loudly as Pierre made love to her like a full grown woman; who had wrapped her stocking covered legs around his waist; while her nails and teeth in desperate ecstasy carved in to the back of he who in all reality contrary to minding even took glee in how he had caused her to loose contact with her conscious being to act on instinct. Pierre even remembering and echoing Karen’s words “take care of me and Kasiutrella” in his head as he made love to Kasiutrella.

Kasiutrella had in all truth never thought of pleasing either one of her parents with the choice of the one to take her first in sexuality yet making love to her mother’s admirer was also not something she had ever figured on. It being strange to her how at such a time when her first orgasm approached; her mind would sway in such a direction. This was what she wanted; with the one she deeply desired yet had not had the courage to seek out even in her thoughts of awareness, for it had all been but that which she had denied herself.

Kasiutrella, however was now engaged in the ultimate act of sexuality between a man and a woman; as Pierre’s root was making its presence felt all through out her inner self. It sending sensations of flight in her like the ones she had heard about on so many occasions but had doubted that such be in truth. She groaned as her moment approached yet it was the shock that followed which she would never forget.

The moment was just as she would not only experience her first body trembling and spray of lust that Karen came in to her bedroom. Kasiutrella was stunned, having been caught in the act yet she could not bring to a halt that which had already been set to go forward even if she had wanted to.

Karen, seeing what her daughter and admirer were involved in simply looked lovingly at Kasiutrella with a hint of pride and worry. It much like a parent seeing her own child ride a bicycle for the first time; Kasiutrella could not stop yet did not need to for her mother’s eyes told her nothing would have been more inappropriate. Kasiutrella received courage from her mother’s gaze much like when she played tennis and it was what increased her audacity to accelerate her tempo to bring about a climax. Karen for her part making over to Kasiutrella, taking her hand as she and the man who had become their mutual admirer experienced their first orgasm in simultaneous fashion.

Kasiutrella at that moment felt the love of both; the man who would be father to her first child and the woman whose child she was. Pierre (still unaware of Karen’s being in the room) continued, having grown in affection for the young lady he had always seen as a child till then. Karen held her daughter’s hand as if guiding her; knowing what her body was going through and while she herself took spirit in how it was this what she planed all along. Pierre, Kasiutrella and herself would form a loving couple, composed of two women and a man; ever eager to please both his ladies.

Kasiutrella, in all this was also pleased; as her mother still held her hand, providing that ever required moral support like she so often had done through out her life. It was however as Pierre’s passion exploded in her that she appreciated her mother perhaps more than before; for they were friends of the truest nature.

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