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An article about panties and the history behind this most intimate of lady’s under garments.

Now a days panties are worn by most women weather it be under their dresses, skirts or pants yet there was a time when such an item of clothes was not worn, not only because it was not till so many centuries ago that it was invented but because of the purpose it was designed for as well as health reasons. This the case though today wearing panties is the most natural thing for nearly all women yet this most common item of clothing was actually created for those women who performed a dance known as the “Can Can” in saloons and entertainment halls. It being this piece of cloth which allowed them to show off their legs with skirts while not permitting their most private of parts to be seen by the gawking eyes of those who came to witness performances of this sort.

Eventually with time the wearing of panties became associated not only with dancers of the sort but those who performed what is thought to be the oldest profession known to man or women. This item of clothing allowing them to (like the Can Can dancers) show off their legs again without displaying too much of what their perspective clients would be paying for.

Another reason for panties not to be worn by many women or at least not till many years after their invention was the mistaken idea that they were unhealthy given the way some believed they did not allow this most delicate area of the female anatomy to breath. Naturally with time all the stigmas associated with panties were over come and most ladies took to wearing them though from time to time one or two might exclude this undergarment when it is her wish to either excite herself or her partner or perhaps just expedite a romantic encounter. As for the brassier that now usually accompanies this piece of lingerie; it was not invented till 1905.

With time some women even started to wear panties that came in the form of strings which is a pair of panties that has strings to cover the behind as well as hold up the front which covers the female sexual organ yet surprisingly this item of clothing was not originally designed for women but their male counterparts. This being the case as the designer responsible for this creation had in mind male strip teasers. It being inspired in their needs to cover their sexual organs while allowing their behinds to be visible to their often exited female followers who sometimes even became more aggressive than males did over females.

This being the reason for the string in the back of this underwear yet there was a need to have a string at the top as well. This being useful to those ladies who wished to monetarily reward their male entertainers by slipping a few bills in to their shorts and perhaps getting a slight confirmation of that which they could see bulging out; sometimes even at very close range.

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