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The Torah Codes - Ezara Barany, Author

The Torah Codes – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘I needed to walk around someone, so I had to step on the dirt of one of the tree plots that lined the street.  As I stepped on the soft dirt, my heart grew cold.  I nearly threw up.  A body had been cut up and recently buried underneath the dirt.  A man with dark hair, a pin-striped suit, a golden wedding ring on his finger.  I knew this.  I knew this like I knew my own name.  There was nothing to indicate such a thing.  A million reasons could be given for why the dirt was soft.  But I knew there as a body down there.  And that I was next…’

‘My eyes voted for the bed.  Two hours later, it was 8:12 p.m. and I realized I hadn’t let my bladder vote.  I headed for the bathroom and turned on the light.  My eyes complained.  I turned off the light.  I leaned against the mirror above the sink and reassured them that the light was off and that they could now open again.  I opened my eyes expecting the typical picture:  round face, brown hair, brown eyes, long neck, but all close up since my forehead was leaning on the mirror.  But it wasn’t myself I saw.  I saw a room.  A room filled with cameras.  Photos were taped to the wall.  I cupped my hands to the mirror and saw the room more clearly.  All the cameras were pointed straight at me.  But the room was dark and no one was there.’
Nathan is bi-polar and when he gets busy and forgets to take his meds he does have a tendency to imagine things.  Could this be one of those times?  The best thing for him to do is get out of his landlord's duplex and find a place where he is safe.  But that’s kind of hard when no matter where he goes he feels someone is following.  Someone wants to harm him.  Then he runs into Sophia as she gives tarot readings at a table set up outside a bookstore.

Nathan invites Sophia back to his apartment but not for what she thinks.  He wants her to look into the mirror to assure him he isn’t hallucinating.  And after confirming that what he sees is real, she talks him into going to the police.

As the police search the owner of the unit next to Nathan’s they discover pictures of not only him in the unit but of him on the outside as well as pictures of his mother and father while on their honeymoon.  But why?  How?  He only knows the owner of the unit, who is also his landlord, due to renting from him.  He had never met him prior to renting the unit.

In The Torah Codes Nathan’s travels take him to a Rabbi who explains how the codes are actually a part of the Bible.  He makes Nathan aware that there are 36 people who are directly connected to the codes and he, as well as Sophia, are apparently connected in some way.  Then he meets the creator of MEG (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator) making the puzzle even more confusing.  This becomes just the beginning, as his journey leads him to Israel in search of answers. 

So, are the Codes real?  In The Torah Codes, Author Ezra Barany has included some very interesting statistics that will make the mind wonder.  At least it did mine.

375 pages
Dafkah Books
ISBN# 978-0-9832960-1-0

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