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The Way – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘No wonder people are stressed out. How can one become balanced when the media and greedy corporations persuade you that you need this brand new
car, or an energy-efficient mini-mansion, a Big Mac with curly fries, or
a multitude of medications just to make it through the day? And not to
worry if you do not have the cash – the credit card companies are there
to hand out those shiny plastic cards so you can have your heart’s
desire and pay for it at a much later date, with interest of course.’
Wanda McBroom, who has become the teacher of The Way, speaks these words which are exactly how our world has become today. We are all on the
road to self destruction due to the demands placed upon us to keep up. In the book The Way,
Author Catherine MacDonald introduces 3 fictional characters who are
sent to Wanda in hopes of finding the answers to life. Melissa becomes
depressed and blames her husband for the death of their daughter. Lori
is an alcoholic, disowned by her sister, who will do anything to acquire
money for alcohol and sex, even if it means stealing. And Jenny has
tried to commit suicide several times and failed, just as her marriage
and everything else in her life has failed. Through Wanda’s teaching of
the way, there is hope that these 3 women can be helped and live happy,
productive lives.
Catherine MacDonald points out to us that “there are 2 directions you can take. You can go toward the darkness with negative thoughts and actions or
toward the light with your energy and optimism. You reap what you sow.
If you do business or conduct yourself in a negative fashion, they you
will get negative results. Success and happiness in life are not
measured by money, power, or status. We are not what we wear, the house
we live in, nor the car that we drive.” These statements are so true.
We are all looking for the “secret” to life, success and happiness. I’ve read self-help, self-improvement books for years. They all seem to say
the same thing but they all seem to leave out the most important step to
make them really work. After reading The Way,
I’ve discovered that the main ingredient left out is YOU! You must
make changes in your inter-self. The Way gives you examples as to how
these 3 women learned The Way and used the teachings to create
real lives for themselves. But, at the back of the book Catherine
MacDonald not only gives you the steps themselves but she has also given
you directions through a simple questionnaire that will help you too
implement The Way into your own life. And for those of you who are wondering, yes God is a part of The Way to a more peaceful life.
I see this as a book that would benefit us all, not just in reading but in following. I’m on step #1 and can’t wait to go to the next.

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