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Third Trailer Down - Douglas Chandler Graham, Author

Three Trailers Down – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat & Think With Your Taste Buds – Desserts
‘Sammy collapsed on the bed.  The girl was next, with a shot under her exposed chin.  The young man…the magnum hollow point destroyed his brain stem and nervous system.  All three were dead in less than ten seconds.  What Will had to do now was get away without being recognized.  He unhurriedly walked back out the front door, locking it before pulling it firmly closed.  He was sure it would take a couple of days before anyone was interested enough to check or notice that no one from this apartment had been seen for a while.  He opened the trunk of the car and was putting his equipment back in the case, separating the silencer from the pistol.  After putting the case in the canvas backpack, he took off the gloves and threw them in the trunk.  Someone behind him said, “Hi there.”
If you’ve had the pleasure of reading Smoke and Murders, you may have been left wondering what happened to some of its characters.  Well, wonder no more.  Vinyard’s corrupt police Lieutenant Bill Kenny is still up to his tricks.  When his wife Camilla takes up with mob connected restaurant owner Louie Russo, Bill decides to add a bit more corruption to his already full plate and free himself of anything or anyone that doesn’t fit into his plans.  He just didn’t expect State Police Inspector “Bear” McNutt to take notice of his activities and everyone knew what a pain Bear could be.  Especially after what he had done to Adam Brackett.  Remember him?  He was the one Bear insisted had killed his best friend and family in Smoke and Murders.
If you remember, Judge Roy Ragland took in the drifter Harry as a handyman but the Judge’s wife Lillian has her own agenda for Harry but has a loose end or two to take care of first.  Can she turn this orphan into a silk purse?  She sure hoped to and decided the best place to give it a try was the exclusive Bondurant Lodge.  And that is where we meet a few more characters as the stories continue.
Amanda Bondurant, 16 and bored, had just met the man of her life.  He was older but that didn’t matter.  He had a car and he would get her out of this hick town where her life had been so ‘perfectly’ dictated.  She would just leave her family and their money behind and start her new life with Will.  Little did she know, her new love had just completed a paid hit on one of the mob’s most feared men…Sammy The Shark. 
Newberry Suggs decided to settle down on the outskirts of Vinyard so he purchased a trailer park.  Other than the traditional fighting between spouses, the usual drunkenness and the occasional discipline of the kids, Suggs Trailer Village was fairly quiet.  That is until a beautiful young lady driving a Cadillac convertible moved in.  It seemed to Newberry that she was running from someone or something and when people came around asking about her, he knew there was a problem.  But who is this beauty that lives Three Trailers Down?
Three Trailers Down can be read as a standalone book but I really recommend you read both books – Smoke and Murders 1st and then Three Trailers Down, to get the full benefit of the story.  So come on Graham and update us on what has happened to our surviving characters since Three Trailers Down.

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