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This is how honey runs - Casie Premo Steele, Author

This is How the Honey Runs – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
There are 15 ways to create healing
1. Ask yourself who you are
2. Know there is no right answer
3. Listen to the squeaky wheel
4. Grease it for once
5. Enjoy the silence
6. Ask yourself who you will become
7. Know there are many answers
8. Pick one
9. Know you have just begun
10. Start over each morning
11. Ask a question
12. Hear an answer
13. Act
14. Rest
15. Begin again

In this new collection of poems, Author Cassie Premo Steele uses poetry as a way to co-create a life of balance and beauty and to inspire people. Poetry,
or journals in general, can become a healing tool for those going
through some of life’s everyday storms. It’s also a helpful way for
women to bring the person inside to the surface and realize how
important they really are, especially to themselves. As I read This is How Honey Runs,
I found myself relating to many of the writings and I feel sure you
will too. And I especially loved the message given in “15 ways to
create healing.”

Unbound Content, LLC
51 pages
ISBN# 978-1-936373-04-8

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