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Until Today: Stories & Poems on Life as I Know It - Jerry M. White, Author

Until Today: Stories and Poems on Life as I Know It – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish
My Honor to be His
The more I see in this life of mine The more I see that nothing is mine The more I see in this life I live The more I see how much I can give
My life is honored by who owns the glory My life is owned by who writes the story I go where I’m sent; I go where I’m led I want only to say what He wants said
I really try to do everything I should It hurts me inside to not even do the things I could My life feels, and is, sometimes out of control It is so very hard to always be so very bold
What honor I give Him through my life every day It is an honor to give it every way He honors me with love and His forgiveness is mine But the honor and the privilege to serve Him is all mine
It is through this service that my life has meaning It is on this honor my salvation is leaning My price has been paid by His life laid down I will do the things I should without a single frown
Jerry M. White wrote this poem in 2004 and it has to be one of my favorites.  In so few words he really says it all. 
Until Today isn’t your typical book of poems.  Jerry White starts each poem(s) off with a little story explaining not only what they are about but what prompted him to write them.  He takes us through his spiritual world with poems like the one above.  We go through his family world with poems such as Audacity.  This is the story of his grandmother being rescued from a mental hospital.  His poem What Have We Done (another one of my favorites) brings to light what has been lost with the changes of time.  He walks us through the loss of his grandchildren to cancer and the true meaning of family through Grandma’s Apron.  He takes us on through life in the world of work with poems such as Light the Fuse and then through memories with The Last Day of School.  And to tie it all up he gives us the world of the Living and the Dead as he points out the problems in Nameless Numbers and concludes with Pillaged which leaves no doubt that our government is breaking.
I’ve read and written reviews for Author Jerry M. White before and have to say that with each he gets better and better. Seldom do I read one that doesn’t hit a cord from my own life and own feelings.  I thoroughly enjoy his works of art.

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