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Watch Your Back - Lisa Y. Watson, Author

Watch Your Back – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“Hello, everyone, I’d like to personally thank our lovely hostess for allowing me to interrupt what is by far the best party this town has seen in quite a while,” Candace said into the microphone.  Loud claps echoed around the room.  Candace used the time to look for Devon.  She spotted him through the crowd.  He was staring at her with curiosity.  Good.  Emboldened, Candace placed the microphone to her mouth again.  “I’m sure all of you know me by now, but in case some of you have never picked up a magazine or watched television, my name is Candace Monroe.”  Everyone in the audience roared with laughter, except the two men watching her from opposite sides of the room.  Each wore a similar expression of anger.  “I hope you all don’t mind my brief interruption, but I have the most exciting news, and I can’t contain myself any longer.  You see I just found out my fiancé, Devon Mitchell, and I are expecting a baby!  I’m just beside myself with joy,” Candace cried with tears pooling in her eyes.  The crowd went wild with applause and cheers.  Across the room stood Candace’s shocked and disgusted lover.  Ignoring the condemnation in his eyes, Candace focused on her boyfriend.  He looked murderous.
Candace Monroe has just informed her boyfriend and half the world that she was carrying an heir to the Mitchell estate.  This wasn’t exactly what Devon Mitchell had expected.  The last time he had seen Candace it was understood that during his absence due to family business, she was to move out of their apartment by the time he returned home.  What Devon didn’t know was that Candace was actually carrying another man’s child.  But greed was a personal factor in everything Candace did and since the true father of her baby was nowhere near as wealthy as Devon, he became a secret that Candace planned to keep to herself.  And all may have worked out as planned had it not been for the accident that took both her and her unborn child’s lives. 
Devon was at the wheel when he lost control of the car that killed Candace and “his” child.  In the process of trying to get away from the pain as well as the reporters that camped out on his parent’s lawn, he left, telling no one where he would be, and went to his Uncles farm.  His stay with his Uncle Henry was disrupted when he found that “accidents” were threatening the stability of the art gallery he had inherited from his grandmother.  Going into the gallery as an unknown he assumes the duties of the retired director.  What he didn’t expect to have to deal with was Jayde Seaton whom had been promised she would inherit the position.  He also didn’t expect to fall in love with her nor to have to protect her from someone who was doing their best to destroy her, the gallery and his whole family.
In Watch Your Back, Author Lisa Y. Watson takes you through the flair of tempers, which Devon and Jayde both have cornered the market on.  You experience their intense love for each other and the love of a close family.  The story had me raking my brain to determine who the real father of Candace’s baby was, if he was the same person out to destroy Devon and his family and more importantly, why.  Watch Your Back kept me on my toes and entertained throughout the book.   
377 Pages
Urban Soul
ISBN# 978-1-59983-097-1

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