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We Interrupt This Date - L. C. Evans, Author

We Interrupt This Date – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘My mother hadn’t stopped talking about my shortcomings and my need to plunge back into the dating world since the moment we’d stepped out the
door of her condo. “You’re already forty and not getting a moment
younger. Shall I tell Stanley you’re interested? I increased my pace,
nearly mowing down a touristy-looking couple. “Mama, I love you, but
the answer is no. I do not need to energize my social life by going out
with guys you dredge up for me. By the way, men named Stanley do not
make good dates.” “Stanley is a wonderful man. I met him at Sunday School.” “And Stanley is so kind, so devoted to his mama.” - You have just met Susan Caraway’s very southern raised mother.
“You’re sure the breakup is for real? After all, this isn’t the first time you and Baldwin have argued and you wouldn’t want to make another mistake.
It’s not the end of life as you know it on planet earth. We’ll find you
a job and eventually you’ll be ready to move on.” “Job?” DeLorean
looked at me, with tears welling in the corners of her eyes. I’m too
broken up right now to even think about work. Besides, you live a
million miles from nowhere. How am I supposed to get to work without a
car? I couldn’t possibly afford daycare. I mean, it’s not like I’m
qualified for a high paying job. All my salary would go to keep Cole,
probably in some understaffed nursery where he’d be lonely and neglected
in a wet diaper all day. I’ll just stay home with Cole and do your
housework or something. When he’s older, and I’m over the breakup, I’ll
decide what kind of career I want.” - You have just met DeLorean,
Susan’s much younger sister. When DeLorean moved in with Susan, she
brought her son Cole and her rather large dog Brad.
‘Christian wrapped his arms around me and awkwardly patted my back. “I don’t mind telling you, it isn’t just DeLorean and Cole who need help. Mom, we
need to talk.” I’d suspected from the moment he arrived that he had a
problem that had brought him home. I gripped the back of a chair and
watched my knuckles change from beige to pearly white. “What is it?” I
rasped out. He favored me with his patented poor-worrywart-Mom look.
“It’s not like I’m into drugs or anything. It’s only that I want to
quit my job. Right now, all I do is go to class, study, and go to
work. I need time to have fun once in a while. You know, I want the
full college experience, which I can’t have if all my time is booked
with work and classes. I thought you could come up with some extra
money to pick up the slack.” “Why don’t I simply get a second
job?”(Susan said). “Thanks, Mom, that would be great.” - You have
just met Christian, Susan’s one and only son who has popped home for
the weekend from college.
Who is Susan? Susan is the wife that put up with a man for almost 20 years just to have him leave her for a younger woman. She spent the last
year, after her divorce, feeling sorry for herself and has finally
decided to get back into life. She has made the decision to take on a
job offered by a friend to manage and run the ghost tours at the
Blackthorn House in Charleston, SC.
Adding to this new beginning, Susan has decided to sell her house for
smaller accommodations and possibly try a little dating. But, when her
mother falls, spraining her ankle, her sister needs a place for herself
and son to live and her own son wanting more money for college, her life
is turned completely upside down. And to top it off, Jack Maxwell has
moved back to Charleston.
While reading We Interrupt This Date I’ve found myself laughing at some of the events that take place. I’ve found myself wanting to slap her sister in hopes of making her grow
up. I’ve wanted to shake the mother in hopes of making her realize that
she is using Susan by way of pity and I’ve wanted to kick her son in
the rear hoping to make him see how spoiled he has become. As for
Susan, I just wanted her to wake up, put her foot down and stop letting
people dictate her life. All-in-all, the story and characters created
by L. C. Evans is one that I can honestly say was very entertaining.
286 Pages

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