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Where Angels Dare, Sunnie Frazier, Author

Revelers writhed to the discordant music. Masks covered many of the faces, leaving identities to the imagination, but not much else. Conversation was confined to body language.

"This is the main dance area so people can get acquainted," Connie-the-tour-guide explained. "There's a small stage up front for exhibitionists, and smaller rooms for shy types. They're wired for close circuit TV for voyeurs. The torture room is still under construction on the second floor."

Christy Bristol chided herself for agreeing to make a house call. All she needed was the birth date to do a horoscope. But the client insisted on a "face-to-face meet." And as Christy finds out, the horoscope isn't for her client but for her husband... who is missing. Thus starts Christy's voyage into the world of S&M, through a secret club called the Knights of Sensani. Admittance to this club is through a red matchbook, three of which were found on three different men that ended up in the morgue. Christy was given her matchbook by her client who's husband it turns out is a member of this elite group. And according to his horoscope, his time to be rescued is running out. Will Christy find him before he turns up in the morgue? Or will Christy end up there herself? Travel with Christy and her ex-roommate Lennie as they take on this after dark world of erotic sex and torture in their attempt to save her client's husband.

When I read Fools Rush In, which was the first of the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries, I thought Frazier had peaked in her writing and that there was no way she could top Fools Rush In. I have to admit that I was wrong. Where Angels Fear is even better and will keep you wondering who and why all the way to the end.

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