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Whitney in Charge - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

"You've got all kind of kisses, right? There's the routine kiss. It's a quick brush on the lips when one or both of you are leaving for work or going some place. Usually there's brief eye contact with it so it makes it a bit
meaningful. And there's an absent minded kiss, which is in a separate category from the routine kiss because the giver isn't aware of it. And might not even remember giving it because it's automatic. There's the---"

At the time of her husband's death, Whitney was living in New York and working as the producer for The Bold News. Shortly after his death, she left her dream job and moved back home to Cornett to take care of her dying mother. Whitney had seen more sadness in the last couple of years than any 31 year old should see. Now she
needed some happiness in her life. That would soon be taken care of by her 2 older sisters as they search for ways to get her back into the dating game. The problem comes when they find not one perfect man for
Whitney but two. Ben is an anesthesiologist with a six year old son who moved next door to Whitney. Jack is a paramedic who works with Whitney's brother-in-law Casey. Whitney is attracted to both men and both men are attracted to Whitney and find themselves competing for her attention.

Following these 3 sisters as they discuss everything from the different types of kisses, to the death of their mother, to going into business together, gave me a glimpse of what true closeness should really be among family. Their conversations will make you want to laugh, as well as cry along with them. Their attempts to make
decisions that will take into consideration the differences of their three lifestyles are inspirational. Through Whitney in Charge, Diane Craver has truly expressed the perfect bond of sisterhood, as well as the ups and downs of creating this wonderful bond.

Desert Breeze Publisher
July, 2009

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