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An article about loving a person just for the sake of it and not necessarily for the sake of wanting to be loved in return.

Many people fall in love, it is as natural a process as can be yet what is the reason that causes this to happen? What makes one fall in love with one person and not another, well the answer is simple though not specific and that being that there is something in that person which the one falling in love was not able to find in another. This might be the looks of the person which are pleasing to the eye or the personality which attracts another aspect of the one to take to the ways of adoration. We might say an emotional effect has been caused in the one to fall in love much like a physical one is caused by the elements of nature such as the cold which may cause one to shiver or the heat which may cause one to sweat.

This perhaps sounds overly simple, even too much to be true however if one thinks the matter over; looking at the facts what else is there to consider? Of course some may ask with some degree of logic to their question which might come in the form of “does our falling in love depend on weather or not the person we fall in love with has been affected by us in the same way as we have by them?”. It is this question that I would retort in the absolute negative for the reason following.

Those who truly fall in love; weather it be a man with a woman or vice verse or those of the same gender do so for the above given reason and not because a person might have felt the same thing for them. Of course when one falls in love, not that one can control this emotion, as easily as one can control the actions this causes one to take; one always risks that the person one falls in love with might not feel the same. I however ask does this really matter, weather or not the person we fall in love with does not feel the same for us, for do we love the summer any less because it feels nothing for us or anybody for that matter?

For if we think the issue with cold logic which may be hard to do when intense passion (which in reality is suffering) is at sake, we did not fall in love because we were being loved or felt we were but because the person in question made us feel something toward him or her. For love be not an affair as when one is conducting the business of buying and selling; where one gives something because one receives or expects something in return and may even take back what one offers if the other side does not keep its end of the bargain.

In this game we commonly refer to as love; it may even occur that the person we love will never love us in return, making it stretch in to the impossible that their love will ever be ours. I however ask should this stop us from loving this person and even answer that if reason prevail it should however let us ask another question. When a person through accident or perhaps not has his or her spinal chord severed, in fact this means this person will never walk again as doing so would be impossible however does this person have less desire to walk simply because he or she knows he or she has no chance of ever doing it? The retort naturally is “no” for that person still longs to walk even if deep down that person is all too aware that such dream will remain just that. It is my perception that tells me that so is the same with love to those who are perhaps condemned or blessed to love for they will continue maybe even foolishly to do so even if hope has been dashed.

This being the case for it is better to love then be loved: as loving is a sentiment like a fever which we feel when we have it with equal if not more strength, coming from our bodies though of a more pleasant nature then the illness to cause our body temperature to rise above normal. Contrary to loving, being loved is not like the sun’s heat which we feel on our skin; for it is insignificant to those who do not respond in kind to it. This being the case though they may even be aware of it emitting from others in their direction; however will not take pleasure from it if they don’t feel it back. All leading us to perhaps reconsider who is more fortunate; the one to love or be loved.

I however in all that be this do not wish it understood that I am claiming that being loved by the one we love holds no importance; for though it holds not any regarding weather we love or not; it does regarding weather this person will or will not be in our future, however this is another point to my original one. Of course true love means putting the happiness of the one we love in front of our own and it is with this in mind that I say to those who love someone who does not love them, that it would be best to simply remain in the background but not disturbing in case their love should one day be requited. Always taking in to consideration that this may never occur and if such should be the case then they like me should take consolation when faced with their last moment on earth that there was a moment they loved somebody to point of not being stopped by how this person did not love them back and the grandness it made them feel.

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