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Zaftan Entrepreneurs - Hank Quense, Author

Zaftan Entrepreneurs – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
Author Hank Quense describes the backdrop to his new novel, Zaftan Entrepreneurs, this way:
‘When the provinces united to form the People’s Federal Republican Government of Gundarland, the petty wars of the local leaders became a thing of
the past. The outbreak of peace caught most folks by surprise and caused
major disruptions to many portions of the economy. Weapons and armor
manufacturers, many of them one-anvil blacksmith shops, went bankrupt
from the lack of orders.  The Camp Followers Guild, which furnished the
armies with food, drink and entertainment while in the field, saw its
primary markets vanish. Dens of iniquity lost many of their profitable,
iniquitous customers. Ripple effects troubled other economic
sectors. Ale brewers laid off workers in response to the hordes of still
thirsty but now penniless ex-warriors. The garment industry suffered
from a glut of skimpy, rip-away costumes favored by the Camp Followers
Guild. The surviving blacksmiths offered reduced rates to sharpen
kitchen knives and scissors leading to an alarming increase in marital
Into this scenario, an alien mining expedition orbits the planet, makes a deal with the government politicians and begins to ravage the
countryside using robotic explorers.  The presence of the
aliens and their robots in a rural area endangers the growing romance
between a gem miner, MacDrakin, and the area's only constable,
Higginbottom.  He objects to the robots trespassing on his land and declares war on the aliens and robots.  Higginbottom has been ordered by the politicians to protect the robots.  As MacDrakin's war progresses, he and Higginbottom become increasingly estranged.
Besides adventure with a bit of romance and comic relief thrown in, the story contains a great deal of satire that will resonate with modern readers.  The
alien leader is depicted as a greedy corporate executive, ruthlessly
seeking to increase profits. Most of the politicians are either
incompetent or only interested in gaining more power while ignoring the
country's problems.
After reading Tales From Gundarland, I thought Author Hank Quense was all out of imagination but, he seems to have an imagination that is non-stop.  I
have no idea as to where he comes up with some of his descriptions of
his characters. 
Zaftans are huge squid-like creatures with nasty dispositions.  A pink dragon pup (accidentally generated by an unknown magical process) runs around the Presidential Palace.  Nut-busters are dwarf warriors armed with a two-foot long helmet spike. Other unusual characters are too many to list. 
Hank Quense is full of funny stories! As I said when I read Tales From Gundarland, this book would make a wonderful series of movies. 
You can find out more about the book on Hank's website:
The book will be available by January 31, 2011.  You can buy a copy at: and
353 pages
ISBN# 9-781456-349387

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